Monday, 24 November 2008

The Lottie Path (take 2)

This wee video is just 1 min long - check it out.....Okay this isn't great - no Stephen Spielberg am I. But at least you'll get the idea. It was taken on Saturday before the really nasty weather hit - goodness knows what it's like now! Eek. I didn't even go on Sunday morning because I was a little too nervous.

There'll be another (better) video later in the week - of our plot. Bet you can't wait.


  1. Hi Carrie
    I did try to view your video but it kept on stopping. However I got the picture it looks soo muddy and nasty. That would really get me down ! I think all you plotholders should get on to your local council or whoever let out the plots, because they should never expect anyone to have to contend with such bad drainage.

  2. Sorry you missed out on seeing the whole video - maybe you need to update your flash player? You won't like me today - another video, this time of the plot.


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