Thursday, 20 November 2008

New people

It's an exciting time, we have new blood arriving on the plots, some people have obviously realised that a whole plot for instance is too much and now we are getting people in who will take that unwanted half, gladly. One of them is Leslie, a nice friendly chap who came over to say Hello. He has just received his keys and will be in Field C. So Welcome to him! Good Luck too, we all remember what it's like to start a fresh!

I have also seen a few other new faces and a new name on the Allotment Forum. Welcome, welcome. The new plots in Field C are also being marked out in preparation of handing over to more brand new tenants. We're growing FAST!

This is John from Field C - he's our youngest lottie holder, I think he's 15 and he is a very passionate allotmenteer. He's somewhat of a wee celebrity - interviewed in local and national papers and on the radio as one of the representatives of the scheme. This was the first time we had said hello.

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