Thursday, 20 November 2008

Good work by others

I didn't feel well at all on Sunday, though it was much better being at my lottie than at home, that's for sure. When I'd finished for the afternoon I dandered off a little to look at the progress people were making on their own little bits of Eden. I could see from our plot that work had been done and it made me happy to see it. Momentum seems to have been running out quickly, which in some cases I can understand - many didn't realise the extent of what they were taking on, the weather hasn't been good and now we can only spend time there at the weekends (a time which is precious to us all - especially those who have children I'm sure).

But still, let's concentrate on the good work done by some. Digging over, improving soil (the storms have obviously delivered a lot of free seaweed!) and the making of new beds. I'm afraid I only dandered around a bit of our field (A) and field B, I honestly felt a little nervous walking on the (now clear to you) mess of the paths. I'm sure Field C has been working hard too! In fact I'm sure they have, some of them are full of lottie passion, such as 'Douglas' - who is actually called Donald, oopps, my mistake!

Of course there are some who still have much to achieve - to put it politely.

Yes, this is a plot. There is definitely a plot under there somewhere.

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