Sunday, 1 May 2011

A little May Day gift

I have been touched by so many lovely comments recently and I will get back to you and promise I will catch up on your blogs too - I love you all big time xxx

Yesterday we went to the Annual Glenarm Castle Tulip Festival so you know I have photos for you ;) Today we're at the lottie and tomorrow we're hoping to go off to Rowallane Gardens - lovely relaxed times in beautiful surroundings :)

But my gift to you is a vase of my very own lottie grown Red Tulips. Well a photo of them anyway. Stunning eh? Enjoy the rest of your day - hope you have sunshine galore like us - I'm off back to the lottie! xx


  1. Tulips are great aren't they. I've been so impressed with them this year - must grow some for cutting next time. Hope you achieve lots at the lottie.

  2. Nicest present I've had this week!
    Miss J

  3. Lovely photo,I shall definitely be growing more tulips next year!
    I hope that you've enjoyed the rest of the weekend. Flighty xx

  4. Carrie girl : ) Hello there !
    I love this May gift you have given us .. especially poppies, they are beautiful.
    I also loved seeing the pictures from the lottie .. Andrew is too cute : )
    I hope you are feeling well and enjoying your new little nest with its growing garden : )

  5. why, thank you! they are so very pretty, and you styled that photo so nicely.


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