Saturday, 21 May 2011

Oh it's beautiful!!

Yesterday Andrew had the day off - yipppee. We had to visit my psychiatrist - boo hisss but after that (which to be fair was very helpful this time) we were somewhat free. Andrew is on a stag do (oh. dear. god! I hear you cry, but don't worry they are all good guys) and so we needed to get him last minute things to take and food for me for the weekend.

It's all really stressful already and he's only gone from dinner time yesterday; I'm not used to being on my own and fighting the depression and anxiety and bad thoughts by myself and Mamma G is on holiday too. My best friend is busy all day but she's coming here this evening and will be with me tomorrow.

Anyway, enough about that, I have a timetable written out for myself to keep me busy and calm (hahahahahaha, calm!!!?) and this is blog writing time - yay!  So in preparation I went to the lottie yesterday and took lots of photos. It was lovely, no one else was there and the bird song - oh, it was delightful - are birds ever sad? I like to think all their songs are about love and peace and happiness - wow I'm a total hippie :)

At the very top of 14b these are delicious Jerusalem Artichokes all growing and getting fat and juicy ready for me to eat later in the year, yumm - good start to the visit. Then inside the plot we are at the nursery section where I must say (whilst touching the wooden coffee table with my foot) everything looks fabulous! The carpet is a sophisticated touch don't you think? And look at the strip behind the cold frames - these are our chives in flower and I may blow your mind away with the following news...... Andrew has been using the petals scattered in amongst the carrot seedlings. Carrot fly hate the smell of onion (so do I) so we're hoping this will help - I'll keep you updated ;) Cool huh?


So then there are gooseberries that have survived the sawfly attack - I have hope we'll still get a nice wee amount, there's 5 plants so there is a good chance, right?? Stay hopeful. I'll not put up a photo though, it looks a little on the pathetic side.

 This is my special flower bed and I am so happy with how it's been going - daffs, tulips and now perisan buttercups, roses  and guems :) Plus loads of other in bud - eek!

The whole point of this bed was of course to bring in the happy friendly bugs like the bees and the ladybirds but also to make little old me happy, having beautiful fresh flowers in the house. Thing is I haven't been cutting them - hahahaha. They look so pretty. I really need to toughen up :)

Lastly for today (I'll show you a24a tomorrow - tease aren't I?) Is an overview of the lettuces, carrots, beets, parsnips and glorious beans and peas. Nothing quite as exciting as the tippee going up is there?
Hugs and best wishes for a lovely weekend xxxxx
Thanks for all the comments on the last post - you're the nicest followers ever - mwaugh!


  1. And here was I thinking you were going to say Andrew had sprinkled chive flowers on your salad. I've just been moving loads of chives - the bees love them don't they? They were sitting on the flowers as I carried the plants about.

  2. What a clever idea with the chives and carrots. Let's hope that works.All is looking splendid, especially the flower bed. You know how much I like flowers ha ha! Miss J

  3. I like the Chive petal idea! And everything's looking great, love your flower bed:) Mo

  4. Wow, thats one beautiful tidy plot! Well done.

    Liking the carrots tip too... :)

  5. firstly well done for being on your own hun :) and for having the plan of action lol great tacktics .... distraction ...... its just not allowing the mind to take over im soooo the same :) i fill my days while hubby working with blogs and games and crafting. You will be fine and the more we do it the easier it becomes. Lotty looking amazing i cant wait for mine to start loking so good. hope weekend has been not too stressful hugs x x x x

  6. everything looks fantastic! i love all the texture in the plants :)

  7. I'm a big fan of cut flowers in the house too. I've plants lots of Glads to use. I'm going to put in a cutting garden sometime this summer! Working on a shade garden now.


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