Wednesday, 25 May 2011

oh yes, this is my lottie :)

Can you handle the wonderfulness of 24a??
Well, I've only shown you a little bit cause I don't think you could - hahaha

 The glorious sight as you walk into the plot via the Fruit Arch (I'm not showing you the Asparagus patch that it in the fore front) Strawberries and our Autumn Rapberries in the back.
.....And I can't trust anyone who doesn't revel in the beauty and usefulness of marigolds.

A friend didn't want this wheelbarrow - he said it was rusty - hahahaha. Compared to our last one this one is so shiny and new :)

We had some of these first early Sharpe's Express Spuds tonight - yummmy and the Cherries are looking fab, I swear Ronnie and I have estimated there are at least 100 on it - I just hope I get them all, hehehe.

Our extremely beautiful Honeysuckle in full bloom and then the excitement is building over my Oriental Poppies, I'll just show this tiny portion of the plant - it's huge and there are a zillion buds ;)

 Our beautiful Climbing Rose, you'll remember all that time ago when it was a baby and couldn't reach the support of the bottom gate. Now it's up at the top one :)
Alan guarding the Blackcurrants (terrible saw fly problem with the leaves obviously, he's limited in his abilites, but he tries)

Our lovely little hanging basket, well, part of it :)


  1. Your spuds look really healthy! Our Earlies got nipped by jack Frost so are a bit stunted.
    I love honeysuckle, the scent is amazing.Mo

  2. Everything looks great!!

    Martin :)

  3. Our wheelbarrow is definitely less new looking than that one too.

    Marigolds on flower already wow!

  4. Everything looks great Carrie, you say I'm ahead but you're eating spuds and I'm not yet, you beat me to it!!

  5. Oh Carrie! it's looking wonderful!(even if you have sneaked a few flowers in there!)

  6. Everyone is is magnificent....well done! And congrats for surviving the weekend too!

  7. Your wheelbarrow looks like mine, lol. Hoping for a new garden cart in the near future. I'll use the old wheelbarrow as planter.

  8. Eeeek thank you everyone, I am a little baised but I am very pleased with it :) I love you all - I feel like a hippy today!

    Oh and now I forsee planting up my old wheelbarrow ;) very cool

  9. Plot looks great!
    Homegrown cherries - can't beat them! We planted a couple of stella last autumn and dutifully removed all blossom for the first this is our first year where we can pick them - can't wait!


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