Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I can't think of a title for this

I'm really confused, I have been for a good while now, words aren't coming easily, it takes ages to form a sentence and whilst I am doing that I am filled with frustration and anger at myself. I haven't been to the lottie, well yesterday I got as far as the car park and just had to sit there. I'm working from one sedative to the next and am desperately hoping that my psychiatrist will have some answers on Friday. I am freaking out right now - what I thought was a sudden burst of energy wasn't, it was a panic attack (I should know better), at least the en suite got a good cleaning..

So to be honest I don't know what is going on a the lottie. I haven't been reading blogs much. I know the asparagus is going to have to be lifted in the Autumn and we'll have to start again. I guess this should have been our own food we had for dinner a couple of nights ago - but at least it was British, in season and it was GOOD.

I know there was a heck of a lot of blossom everywhere and super tiny baby cherries, apples and pears etc are appearing. I have been told the cold frames are full to bursting. I watched with joy as these beautiful climbing beans germinated and got bigger everyday on the kitchen table and  these lovely Sweetcorn seedlings are the most lovely green  :) That grey blurry background is Maggie giving them a sniff before they left.

It's extremely windy and I did take a photo of the Queen of the Night Tulips but it doesn't do them justice, we need to get that wall painted and now Andrew has them all cut down anyway. We have loads of Rhubarb in the fridge (yay - Andrew is going to make more compote) and I had a couple of very sweet Ranunculus in the hall. Oh and the Nematodes are on their way it WAR my friends :)

I hope you are all well, I'll try to catch up with you soon. Hugs xx


  1. (((((BIG HUGS)))))!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Carrie, I'm just catching up with people myself and I'm amused to have gone from tulips to pink flamingos :)
    Love your photo's, everything looks so fresh.
    Enjoy your Rhubarb Compote.
    Take care, Mo

  3. Asparagus looks delicious. Best of British ;~) Hope it goes better for you.

  4. big hugs hope you feel brighter soon x x x x

  5. Carrie you are a trooper and will be better soon. I learned something new by visiting today. I never heard of Queen of the night tulips, they are really cute! I'll have to look those up.

    Best wishes always for you, your lottie and garden. I like all those yummy vegetables that you and Andrew grow. Here's a Whoop..Whoop to those helpful Nematodes!

  6. If you absolutely promise not to tell anyone.. I grew some Queen of the Night tulips in a pot on my patio. WOW what an amazing show!

  7. P.S... I did take a look and did some research on the net about the Queen of Night Tulips. They are very unique and they bloom later in the season.

    I didn't like tulips in the past,but this year I was drawn to them because they provided some color and early blooms for our drabby,cold dark days! Spring is very late around my neck of the woods...

    Yep, I've given the tulip a second look.

  8. Oh how I love you all - I am feeling okay at the minute (shock horror, long my it last!)

    So glad that I have converted some to the joy of the tulip - oopps Matron did I publish the fact that YOU grew flowers, hehhe

    Hope you are all well xxx

  9. i always love that even when you aren't doing so great, you're still able to find beauty in the little things. i think that's very important :)

  10. Good to see you back. May I offer a title? "Slugging it out!" ;)


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