Tuesday, 10 May 2011

pink flamingos

I live with the perpetual sense that I am just not good enough, ever. I fight it every single hour of every single day. But the 'me' who is fighting to just be okay with myself never wins. I never win. And now this......

The allotment has gooseberry sawfly, aphids, slugs (and millions of slug eggs), snails, mildew, big red moth pupae, cabbage white caterpillars, wireworms, flippin' pigeons and the bast*rding leatherjackets (and there's probably other stuff too, like flatworms - we had them last year). Plus hayfever has returned. What?! the whole world of sentient beings have turned their evil hatred against me now - is that how the game is being played??  
f-ing leatherjeacket that destroyed one of our asparagus crowns
Andrew is not a happy gardener - he talks in terms of EVERYTHING is crap and what's the point. The wind is so bloody annoying and the weather is just unpredictable and unhelpful. So there - today I just want to blasted well concrete over everything and put down plastic turf, fake flowers, a tramopline and some deck chairs, pink flamingos and some very stylish gnomes.

pink flamingos — aug 23, a photo by theogeo on Flickr.

pink flamingos — aug 23 by theogeo

Deep breath - I shall resume normal lottie based blogging next time and not be such a grump xx


  1. Been there, felt like that. Pretty regularly, actually. Know exactly where you're coming from.

    As in Life, we're not immune – in gardening – from the slings and arrows. Shit happens, usually at a startling rate. I lose at least one crop every season (or as good as), often more.

    But the thing is, the disasters are always balanced by a triumph or two... or, at the very worst, at least one crop that performs adequately. Even at Her fiendish worst, Nature can't destroy ALL your hard work.

    Don't sweat it. You're in superb company. As ever, the sense of humour is the only defence.

  2. oh no! i hope you're able to get rid of all those pesky bugs and worms and things :(

  3. And just think with all that to contend with us gardeners usually come out with loads of good things to eat!

  4. Gardening - it's one big challenge! Embrace the challenge I will (at least until I get carrot fly - again!)

  5. I hear ya!
    Have been really pissed off ever since I did some garden tours recently and realised that either my windy garden is a WHOLE SEASON behind the rest of Scotland & Ireland, or I am just completely incapable of growing anything properly.

    Sigh. It seems I can grow veg but not flowers. Can that be possible?

    Maybe I need to learn more about these bugs though - I'd never heard of leather thingymabobs, so thanks for the head's up!

  6. eeeew. so many damn pests. In the words of Bono, "don't let the bastards grind you down"

    declare war, Carrie! even if winning means gnomes, flamingos and fake grass rolled out on top of it all :)

  7. did my comment just disappear? crickey.

  8. oh the girls would love those pink flamingos, they'd cover the garden in them if they could! Pink is the predominant colour in our house!! Just found the biggest slug ever and enjoyed drowning it in beer rather too much! Hope you start winning the battle over the pests soon.

  9. Carrie,

    It's okay to be grumpy:~)Happens to all of us.

    I loved the "Labels" part of this post: "Bugs, enemies." That made me smile!

    Keep taking those deep breaths and "this too will pass."

  10. Aaaggghhhh I know this feeling.... none of my seeds for carrots beans or peas germinated :~(

    Mange tout has something that looks like tunnel something, strawberries are not flowering but sending out runners..... and I have creepy crawlies galore which I will identify when I find a book/website about it.

    However I do have to qualify this with it is my very first attempt at growing anything and I may be doing things wrong lol.

    But fanfare please I have 2 flowers on my cucumbers so maybe it is worth while after all.

    Hang in there with me.


  11. thank you everyone. thankyou for sharing your failures too - we all have them, just have to start again eh?

    Love to you all as always xxx


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