Friday, 6 May 2011

The seductiveness of those two lips...

I couldn't resist, tingling, I was drawn in by the mere mention of them. The sun was shining, my arms bare, the heat making me drowsy and the light wind blowing sensuously in my hair like the whispers of a lover; I was undone. How could I not let myself be swept away....

The Glenarm Castle Tulip Festival was on last weekend and we just had to go and see it. At only £6 in Andrew and I had a great full afternoon walking around the walled gardens taking in the tulips, the pleached hedges, the perfect un-slug touched hostas, the last of the daffodils and all the apple and pear trees in full bloom. Plus there was cake, I am a sucker for good home made cake with a little cream on the side :)

Shall I just bombard you with photos? I think I shall...... oh and sorry about the tulip/two lip confusion ;)

The gardens are doing well and really starting to mature. Everything we saw looked to be in great health and the pleached trees made me excited at the prospect of our own pleached hedge in the back garden. Which I must add are now in leaf and looking more settled.

There were other people there, which is always disappointing, hahahha. I love to visit grand gardens and pretend I am a private visitor, the whole place to myself. But no. We dandered all around of course but my favourite place was laying under the wall staring up at the apple trees and watching the bees at work. The rill was just in front of us and the gentle trickle of the water could well have sent me off to slept had the Mount not been close by too, with kids running up and down it's spiral walkway and pretending to be knights :) (you can see the Mount in the collage)

We had to go over and check out the new sculpture - an obelisk on a plinth all carved out of the one piece of wood. We hummmmed and aahhhhhhedd and decided (along with another lovely visitor) that we hated it. We're quite black and white when it comes to our decisions; I mean in a way I can appreciate it and the work gone into its creation but ultimately it did nothing for me or the setting, oh and it was wobbly. Here is Andrew trying his hardest to love it in one aspect at least - the smell - but no, it was stinky with whatever preserving coat was on it. All in all - I say take it down!

I also smelt the flower of the Meddler tree for the first time.... oh yes it is undeniably pretty to look at but OH MY GOODNESS, it smells like an old, uncleaned Victorian era public toilet! And that is no word of a lie - foul, heinous - why, why was I not warned. I gave it a darn good full sniff and thought I was going to die!

Twas a lovely afternoon though - thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by my favourite bulbs all in bloom -  constantly saying 'this is my favourite... or no, maybe this one, or this one?'........

I'll tell you one thing though  - this was my least favourite (you know, just in case you were thinking of sending me a big bunch)...


  1. Ooooh Carrie I thought you were branching out into erotic literature for a minute! LOL! Lauran xx

  2. hahaha ;D *reading Lauran's comment!*
    Great day!!!! And what a lovely couple enjoying a wonderful day amonf the flowers! :)

  3. We have a medlar but it isn't flowering yet and I must admit I have never sniffed it - I'll be sure to do so now - but carefully

  4. I think the lavatory smelling flower was a flowering quince... a minor, yet smelly, detail

  5. Looks lovely there, great tulip photos, shame ours have all finshed now :(

  6. A lovely post and wonderful photos. With tulips to look at then tea and cake it sounds like an ideal way to spend some time away from everyday life! Take care, Flighty xx

  7. What an amusing post :) I shall make sure not to sniff too hard near any flowering medlars!

  8. What an amusing post :) I shall make sure not to sniff too hard near any flowering medlar!

  9. hahaha about that giant obelisk! sounds like a lovely day minus all the people (i'm with you there!).

  10. Even though Matron doesn't do flowers, I have to reluctantly agree that those are sort of OK.... actually they are a bit more than just OK. Splendid!

  11. gorgeous! I want to go to a place like that...some beautiful garden on a regal landscape. I would be so fun to run around (and like, you, pretend we're private visitors)
    lovely photos, of course!


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