Monday, 23 May 2011

It did it an I'm okay :)

This is just a quick little note to say that although Andrew being away for the weekend was very hard, I managed. With the suppport of said Hubby through texts and little cards he had left me (he's so romantic!!) and my super duper bestest friend Wendy who kept 'crazy' at bay and was a star.

It will take a while to fully recover and I am exhausted fighting myself but I did it, it's Monday and the weekend is now over. Dare I say there were even parts that were nice, catching up with my best bud.

I'll write more soon, I have photos to share of 24a of course :) Things are well, or at least they have been up til now - we're getting 70mph winds, rain, hail and periods of sunshine (!??).

P.S. Thank you for the messages of support xxxx


  1. And now you know you can do it... it's those little pieces of knowledge that build strength to tackle our fears.

    We have the strong winds and the sunshine - and some clouds - no rain yet :-/ can't even remember what rain is like! The last proper rain (2 mins of drizzle don't count) was 25 Feb :-O


  2. Well done - you should be really proud of yourself!

  3. Carrie see,...

    You are a trooper just like I knew that you were! Good for you!

    Hugs! Joy! and lots of energy and Love to you... Thank goodness also for good friends and great husbands like yours!

  4. thank you a million times over ladies, much love xxx

  5. even though i'm late to getting to your blog this week, i'm glad everything went well with andrew gone and i hope you feel better quickly :) lots of hugs!

  6. (((Carrie))) you did well :~) A good weekend!

  7. Carrie,

    I had to go back and read the last three posts to catch up. Wow. Look what you did!!! Aren't you pleased with yourself? A whole weekend and you made it...

    Whenever you feel like things are going backwards, return to this post and let it remind you that you can do it:~)

    p.s. Your pictures are stunning, as usual and I loved the the pink flowers. Are they the Ranunculus?

  8. more gorgeous women giving me support - thank you. Thank you for seeing that to me this was huge, though to the average person it wouldn't have been so terrifying.
    love you all - honesty.

    And yes Sara - full marks on the pink ranunculus ;) i adore them

  9. Your an inspiration! ...and you should be very proud of what your achieving...and the flowers are looking great! :)



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