Friday, 29 April 2011

Photos galore from a happy weekend

I was happy last weekend on my plots and so if you will indulge me, I should like very much to bombard you with photographs. This is my diary, I want, no I need to remember that there are times when I can feel good; full of vigour and a desire to work hard, my hands in the soil, the sun on  my back and the sweat slight persperation (I am a lady after all) running down my skin.

Okay thinking back it wasn't perfect as I did have a terrible panic attack on Sunday and couldn't talk to a soul. I had music blaring in my ears and it all ended in tears but, BUT, I am glad, oh so glad that I was there, that worked so hard and with my Love, we changed those previously terrifying areas into managable places, nice places, productive places ..... :)


 The scary area on 14b that HAD to be tackled whether we were ready or not - luckily we were ready :) !!

Okay, the difference between boys and girls...
The boys have a good chat about everything, us girls, get on with it, hahaha. Whilst Andrew catch up on the gossip - we had the Gardener's Questiontime Radio show in Carrick last week. But I had work to do and currant plants to save from the weeds ;) I have no idea the number of trugs it took me - but my arms are feeling toned!

The plastic was breaking down so A. was taking the greenhouse apart - I thought this would be a good place to keep him, keep him out of mischief, ahaha

 A frog! yay, I love frogs. I have left lots of long grass by the compost bins for them to stay nestled in and stuffed lots of grass cuttings under the shed again - got to try and look after our allies in the gardening world.

 Left over carpet from Mamma G's house being put to good use covering over a weedy patch and also giving us a nice clear place to work and for Andrew to nap. Like our crossed forks? - that was an accident but hey - that could be part of our coat of arms - eh?? (I'm all Royal Wedding fevered today, hahaha)

Look at that - compared to the first photo - this is simply heavenly. The messy bit will be tackled soon, that's our pumpkin patch :)


 Again, trying to look after my buggy friends..
 Concrentrating on the silly and fun details now - pretty-ing up the shed with flowers

 pretty :)

Green and blossoms and Maggie = happiness


  1. It's looking fabulous! I love you found the fence again. I have some similarly tall weeds that are on the list for the removal this weekend. I wonder if I might find any hidden surprises too? Actually, I'd be happy to find a frog. Only ever seen 2 here...I know they are here, they just seem to be shy!

  2. Glad you had fun....the allotment looks great!

  3. Ladies glow Carrie and I'm nor surprised after all that hard work.We have loads of frogs and toads and often newts too - I love to see them.

  4. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Your pictures and comments made me smile something I love to do.

  5. All looking good. Hope you are having fun this weekend too.

  6. Looks fantastic, need to beautify my plot a bit this year, it's all very blokey and functional!

  7. Everything looks great and you found a frog in the process.. What fun! he's a cuttie.

    About five years ago I had a toad visit my yard, he didn't hang around long to my disappointment, perhaps I didn't have enough going on in my garden to make him stay around..

    I would like to have a couple of frogs and toads come visit one day and stay awhile.
    Nice Job!


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