Monday, 4 April 2011

I have a secret :D

from the allotments
Happy times in the back garden are to be seen everywhere, apart from the horrendous wind (and the blasted builders and all their noisy activities and beeping machinery) I would have been out there today soaking it in. My little hideout is coming together I can see it and after so many months of plans and redrawn plans on graph paper it finally starting to come to life - eeekkkk!

Yesterday saw one of the most fun bits (for me) in the garden ~ planting bulbs. I LOVE bulbs. They hide under the soil waiting, just patiently waiting for the time when you feel you can't take this desolate winter, barren and sad, any longer and then they slowly emerge. They are organic, living anti-depressants. I defy anyone not to be cheered my the 'host of golden daffodils', the sweet and terribly shy Snowdrop, the bright and cheery Crocus and these....the Tulips.

I LOVE TULIPS. I lust after them and can not wait for the Glenarm Tulip Festival to open again (must check website!!) I am a silly flustered girl around them, all sorts, it matters not. For some reason the tulip gives me goosebumps - there I have said it, the cat is out of the bag - I Carrie am a secret Tulip - aholic.

These are Queen of the Night - ummmmmm. Dark, rich sumptuous purple. There leaves are even heavenly with tinges of red, oh I love them and look - lots of them in  my garden in little clumps of 3. *big happy sigh* And planted with them in the cherry tree bed (oh look at the beautiful greenery opening up on this darling of a tree!!! again my knees go weak) are Alliums 'Purple Sensation'.


  1. I love tulips too and have just posted some pics as well. They are gorgeous aren't they. Spring has definitely arrived!

  2. oh such happy bright colors! i admit i'm a little obsessed with that purple too :)

  3. My Queen of the Night tulips have decreased every year since planting, now I have just one weakling left. I read somewhere that watering them with Tomato fertiliser will help the bulbs bulk up for next year- a bit like Popeye and his famous spinach! So have been out feeding my tulips in hope of a better show next year. I think the plain red and yellow varieties must be of better pedigree as they seem to come through come what may.

  4. Alliums I would like. They suggest we plant Agapanthus instead, but it is not the same effect of a perfect globe of flowers.

  5. YAY for spring and color!!!!!
    I love bulbs too! Happy gardening :)!

  6. Our smaller tulips are flowering and also ones on the plot for cut flowers but the ones in the borders are just green buds at the moment. One of mine is deep purple but I'm not sure of its name.

  7. Carrie girl : ) How are you !
    I have meant to drop by so many times but I have been really exhausted these past few months (which makes me so mad because I am on the treadmill trying to get in better shape and be more energetic!) But I did have a "mad woman gardener day" with revamping that bed and I did so love that Sheep S**t hehehehe .. it was wonderfully non smelly ? and the soil was wonderful to dig in and smell and commune with .. an oops with some bulbs I forgot I planted there but I placed them back as lovingly ? as possible .. but I just don't know if they will put up with me ? haha
    Bulbs make a BIG smile on my face too : ) and my bulb circle is coming together again so fingers crossed it will look as good as last year .. only slightly bigger.
    Your lovely little Eden is going to be GORGEOUS !!! I am going to have to get Queen of the Night, I have always admired her but "squirrel FEAR" makes me worry she will be eaten up by those dastardly creatures ..I will prevail ! LOL
    You sound good girl : ) Spring tends to help us along doesn't it?
    I can't wait to see how your little oasis grows and turns out !!
    Joy from the GWN still !!


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