Thursday, 31 March 2011

We've had some lovely weather :)

Oh the sun has come out to play over the past week and boy am I happy to say 'Hello' to it. We have even had breakfast in the back garden one morning - yes! it was warm enough - crazy I know!! Even Maggie kept running into the house, grabbing a mouth full of her favourite Bran Flakes, spitting them out on the patio and then eating merrily with us (Maggie LOVES her food and eats with great gusto)

The birds were brave and ate right beside us on our super multi feeder. Blue Tits, cheeky little Sparrows, our friendly Robin and recently 2 collared Doves :) I have also seen a Chaffinch but A. hasn't yet and it's a sore point, hehe. Remember to feed the birds, my lovelies - fat balls and peanuts are going down a treat here. I'm just waiting for the day when one of the Pheasants comes bounding in - that would be a sight, or the Falcons that live on top of the power station chimney; actually they might take Maggie off for lunch :O

So with the cherry blossom still looking lovely we have also had visits from bees and butterflies and it's a veritable Disney paradise out there (if you ignore all the building debris and rubbish). Yet another bed has been built and now is waiting patiently to be filled with soil. We have some of our pots round from Mamma  G's house (one of them had an evil snail on the bottom and we didn't realise until the next day and those tell tale sparkly trails - grrrrr I HATE slugs with a passion).

I know, they need watered, I'll do that in a minute!

We still have to plant our tulips in the cherry tree bed but they are looking very healthy and can wait another day. And apart from that, the celeriac seedlings are happy and the broad beans (crimson flowered - thank you Celia) are planted and of course being stared at every 15 mins to see if they've germinated yet - yes I am that sad. :)
We haven't forgotten about the Lottie, honest. I'll do a post from there after the weekend. It's just we've been doing housey stuff and WHY am I defending myself??? !

Namaste xx


  1. We have had some gorgeous days this week but today was blowing a gale for most of the day - it's calmed down now thank goodness.

  2. having breakfast in your back garden sounds so lovely...!

    this made me giggle:

    "It's just we've been doing housey stuff and WHY am I defending myself??? !"

  3. I have my tomatos and peppers planted
    Heirloom Seed, 'How God plants His garden.'

  4. You are full of the joys of Spring, I am pleased.
    Your garden is coming together nicely.
    Lots of water on those tulips, please.

  5. GLA - Yep, the wind was a-blowing here today too. We just visited the lottie there after dinner and saw a few compost bins etc all over the place - ooops. xx

    Andrea - hehe - I really punched that into the keybroad too whilst saying it lot loud! I must have been some sight *blush*

    Buck - good on you lad! :)

    James A-S - Fear not, after the offending photos were taken everything was well watered. Shame on me, but at least you know my blog is real, sometimes we all forget to water our babies, right?!
    Good to have you back xx

  6. Going good Carrie! You, the garden, and the tulips!!!

  7. Here oooop North the weather hasn't been so good! Even now rain looks a possibility!

  8. Get you! Breakfast in the garden, no less! Excellent :) It's a great start to a day.
    All sounding wonderful, including you.

  9. I remember you worrying that no birds would visit you and here you are seeing more than I do now!
    Take care, Flighty xx

  10. It's been great to have some lovely weather in March. Hope Easter is nice and sunny so I can get on with sorting the garden out!

  11. Doesn't it make a difference to everything when the sun comes out!

  12. Oh my goodness those cherry flower buds look BEAUTIFUL !! and that zig zag bed is going to be amazing .. I love raised beds .. I think that would be all that I would have if it were possible .. they are so easy to care for.
    Look at all these baby plants : ) I see POTENTIAL of great proportions here girl ! You are going to be up to your eye balls in wonderful flowers and food plants : )


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