Friday, 11 March 2011

I'm okay again :) so let's catch up

When I think of what has happened in Japan and the surrounding area I feel foolish and selfish for being so depressed, so overwhelmed by life and anxious. I know I have an illness, I fight everyday but god do I feel stupid today. This post is a distraction from those feelings, a bit of 'normality' in the media world just to help me see that life goes on regardless. My thoughts are of course with any and all sufferers in this world but for me, well, today ironically has been good so far and dare I say it?...I kind of feel ok. And I am not going to feel guilty for that.

So catch up time from the lottie and the back garden and life in general.

It was last Saturday that we ventured to the plots, it was a failed attempt at getting some work done. Both of us were thinking about our back garden the whole time and how it was more important to us at the minute than the allotment which we don't see all the time. We dandered round talking about how we ought to do this and that and then I took a couple of photos and Andrew got the wheelbarrow. Who were we trying to kid??! We know eachother so well that both of us knew what the other was thinking so....we attacked the manure heap, filled two big bags and hoicked them into the car and left. Sorry lottie.
prettiness in my flower bed

Definitely not looking good PSB

worms - hello friends :)

We drove straight to the nursery and bought grit and compost and then went home, feeling happier and funnily full of more energy as we were now going to do something we really wanted to do.
I worked super hard - wow!!
Here is our little back garden now - we're going well, it's very clay-y and heavy soil to move but boy it is worth it and now the gorgeous cherry tree is in place, well, a garden is emerging. Maggie had no interest what so ever and slept the whole day on the sofa, she still shuns the 'garden' as she doesn't really do muck, haha.
Oh and did I show you the jar of rhubarb and ginger compote Andrew made?? :) It was so good and there is loads more in the fridge and in the ground waiting to be given the same treatment - hooorah and yummmyyy!
This weekend we really do have to go to the allotments and get cracking - the spuds need to be planted on St Paddy's day!!! Plus we now have our dining area sorted out and the seed potting up can begin in earnest now. Oh lordy - I manage to get rid of loads of house moving clutter and now the whole place is going to be a greenhouse substitute! I just have to laugh..

And here's that wee tete-a-tete out in the front garden, makes a delightful change from the cement and dust and builders everywhere -
Enjoy your Friday and may the weekend bring a smile to your lovely little face xxxxxx


  1. i am so glad to hear that you are doing good today! despite what has happened in japan. it really puts things in perspective doesn't it?

    your garden is really getting there! i can understand how putting hard work and energy into something you love really can lift your spirits. sometimes you just need to do some physical labor!

    oh, and can i have some of that rhubarb & ginger compote, please? :)

  2. The daffodil did it. I smiled ;~)

  3. Carrie girl that poppy header is BEAUTIFUL !! and yes I had to add a touch of the Irish for next week: ) Did you get that picture I sent of my cast iron birdbath stem with the fern ? I should be writing a proper e-mail but I thought this would be quicker LOL

  4. if you come over for afternoon tea andrea - you can have some compote! It would be nice to have a chat and i'll take you round the plots too x

    Diana - so glad i could make you smile, hugs galore x

    Joy, my sweet Joy - this sounds like a gorgeous photo, did you send it by e-mail or post??? I haven't seen it and it sounds so me!!! xxxxxx

  5. Glad you're feeling better - the allotment will wait a little longer!

  6. It's good to put your energy behind where your heart is :) I often go out with the intention of doing something but my heart's not in it, so I turn to the task my heart tells me is right and the end results are much better.

  7. That compote looks gorgeous, and your garden is taking shape wonderfully, it will be such a great place to look at and sit in, how could you avoid wanting to work on it? The allotment will forgive you. Glad to hear you had a better time of it.

  8. looking good - please save some compote for me too :)

  9. People who donÂșt blog wouldn't understand what you were doing taking close up photos of some worms... would they?

  10. GLA - I was ther today and will be there all day tomorrow whipping the place into shape!

    Janet - it's all the builders all around me that stop me working in the garden when I'm alone *shy* But it is really taking shape :)

    Selkie - oops all gone - got to make more xxx

    Matron - I feel sorry for people who don't love photos of worms - their loss really, hahaha


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