Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wonderous news from the back garden

Andrew had a few days off and went mental in the back garden one of those days - he was so happy and now just look at it!! Joy, happy, happy joy, joy!!

So let's look over here first.

This is the very first bed that was made and now it has the beech hedglings in and a fabulous pleaching support erected around and above them. GROW you wee buggers!
In front of them we already had a Christmas Box planted and were all set up to get more gradually as they can be a wee bit expensive. But lo, Andrew walks into a large DIY shop and there these are all reduced and when Andrew took them to the till, hehehe, he got all 6 for £10. Good job.

Then over to the Cherry Blossom Tree and my isn't she adorable all in bloom :) Under planting this beauty is a load of Carex 'Comans Bronze' which all came from division of one plant in the allotment = free plants - yipppee. These are (hopefully) going to grow into little hillocks and have bulbs planted in between them. We already have some very healthy Tulips 'Queen of the Night' ready to be planted :)

You will also note that we have one of our bamboo's planted at the back of this bed. We've had this little fella for years and although he may look sorry for himself, having been in a pot and somewhat neglected throughout the whole moving house saga, I have a good feeling about him. With all the goodness in that soil (remember the worms and everything) I think, give him a little while to settle and he'll be super happy. This is a clump forming type called 'Fargesia' by the way.
Then tantalisingly over at the far corner is the new bed's foundations (eeeek!! so exciting, ) and just infront of Maggie, a strange big bucket full of cement (hummmmm?) but that's all I am going to say about that for now.


  1. Lovely delicate blossom of the cherry - I love it. My sister has one and it's great!

  2. WOW, great job you two!!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see it all in the summer!!!!!!

  3. Wow busy bee's indeed! Looking ready for all the spring growing. :)

  4. Oh my! It's really looking beautiful. Great job both of you!

  5. So rewarding planting a garden, we have Queen of the Night tulipa planted in recycled containers and cherry blossom is a joy

  6. So much progress. I am super impressed at the design of the garden, totally looks like something from a tv show.

    Thanks for your sweet comment over at my blog. I would LOVE to read a day in the life of a photographer, and most especially you! I really enjoy those kinds of posts, because i love getting a behinds the scenes glimpse. I also thank that, even if you think your own routine is boring, someone else might find it interesting, you know?

  7. It's looking better by the day! Flighty xx

  8. wow! it's really coming along - I can't wait to see more and more progress!

  9. It's great to see your progress. It's going to be lovely come summer :) Mo

  10. Looks fab!! Amazing how a garden brings so much happness and excitement :) I love it!

  11. good grief - so many lovely comments, thank you all!
    mwuagh xxx


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