Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A moments silence... ;)

It is a sad and terrible thing when one loses a plant but to lose a whole tray of healthy baby Celeriac - well that's just plain carelessness... (with apologies to Mr Wilde).

On Monday evening we took down a lovely and I mean beautiful tray of celeriac seedlings to put them in the cold frame. They had been on a lovely sunny window sill in the spare room/dump room and were looking fab. Mr Gault here thought it was time for them to be hardened off.

Last night I learnt they had ALL died. It had been too warm and they all fried. A painful way to go I should imagine. I wonder what their past thoughts were...I like to think it was 'WHY?? daddy Andrew, WHY???' croak. *looking at the hubby with one of 'those' looks* hahaha.

Even more painfully I didn't manage to get a photo of them, or at least I thought I had but I can't find it. Oh dear, it seems we are both rather bad parents, tisk tisk. Off to drown my sorrows in a good old fashioned wake for the seedlings - any excuse for a wee glass of red wine - yummmmmmmy. Ooops, sorry, I'm meant to be sad *clears throat*.

By the way I was at the lottie tonight and it was nice and I took photos and what not and felt better - good old Ecotherapy. I shall write tomorrow xx


  1. ecotherapy - works for me everytime, so does the red wine!

  2. Oh lettie I do so love you xxx

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. Can you tediously grow some more little celeriacs? My DH would condole you by saying it was a learning experience. I would rather not learn hard lessons but easy ones do not seem to teach much.

  4. NellJean - petal, it has been too long, big hugs
    Yep, more little seeds are going into their tray and the hope of germination and excitment of seeing little baby celeriacs shall happen all over again. You can knock us down, but we'll get right up again! xx

  5. Love your blog Carrie! I originally hail from 'Norn Iran' myself so love to read it with a proper NI accent in my head - isn't that daft! But it makes me smile.

    What type of Celariac seeds have you planted? I am planning to grow my first celeriac this year, but can't decide which ones to buy.

  6. Oh my goodness Carrie girl !!
    Those poor little fried babies after bursting through their little nursery at home and happily waiting to grow up (.. I thought they might make it to veggie university ? hehe)
    Oh well .. S**T happens in the garden in so many ways right ? LOL
    I am in NEED of garden therapy too .. the poor thing is shivering in this weird cold wet Spring ? Soon it will be too hot and humid and I will complain about that weather as well ! haha
    Take care dear girl and enjoy the family of humans, pups and plants !
    Joy : )

  7. Mamma Wild - 'bout ye! lol
    Welcome to my humble blog, I love that you read it in a proper accent, brilliant.
    Our Celeriac seeds are 'Prague Giant' for the second year. I do love them, great staple food in the cold dark months! They're darned ugly but taste great x

    GAL - thank you *wipes away tear* we will move on from this x

  8. Joy - thank you for you kind words. We N.Irish are a hardy bunch, we'll get over this and plant some more. So sorry you're having crappy weather whilst we bask in glorious sunshine, loved your last post about that hellebore though, why do they hate me Joy, why????? x

  9. Oh Dear! there is a tangible sense of bereavement and responsibility. I suppose it is the 'nurturing' hormones we have? I lost all my tomatoes last year because I left them out in the frost. Aren't we silly!


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