Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cute little babies (you can eat)

I can't take any credit for the sowing of a single seed this year so far though I have been present at the buying of my Sweet Peas plants, the Broccoli and it's just happened, the Strawberries :)

Here are my lovely Sweet Peas - three different types and they are ready to get planted - eek, exciting! From left to right I have:
* 'Galaxy' which looks like they are going to be reds and pinks
* The very Royal Jubliee themed red, white and blue, 'Spencer Mix' and
* 'Flower Arranger's Delight' which is all lovely delicate pinks

Sadly I wasn't able to get my all time faves 'Cupani' which are gorgeous purple and pinks in the one petal :( Nevermind twas my own fault for not being on the ball sooner. Still, they are going to be lovely and I shall be surrounding myself with many vases of them and living up to the Holywood Goddess view I have of myself, hehehe. Got to love yourself first, right?

The Purple Sprouting Broccoli...
The Strawberries are 'Elsanta'...ummm no photo as well I can't be bothered and they are still in the car I think *blush*

So onto the babies that Andrew has so loving planted into the soil and has gently nurtured into live so far.. The Sweetcorn ('Swift') was an epic failure, we only got one out of the first attempt as they all rotted but this little fellow, grow little fighter, grow! We'll be planted tomorrow and watched closer and watered less.

The Celeriac ('Monarch') and it is doing absolutely fantastic, seedlings all over the show. Lucky I am so fond of the stuff. Seems every single seed that was sprinkled just wanted to grow :) I hate the bit when they get thinned out - I generally leave that to Andew too, wow I am such a baby!

So we're off the the plot in a moment and I will take more photos (I can't help myself) of the beds that have stuff done to them and get that list of what has been sown direct, though I won't bore you with photos of empty looking beds :)

Here's a pic of Maggie's cute wee butt to keep you going until later....


  1. What luscious loveliness you have to look forward too. We have had a month or so of persistent and cold rain, so the allotment is looking rather sad at the moment.

    Do a happy sundance for me will you?

  2. Still too wet here to garden -we have plants that really would like some warmth

  3. Planting vegetables? cute little dog butt? Matron's favourite subjects!

  4. I LOOOOVE Mggie's cute wee butt!!!!!
    AND your seedlings!!! (I hate the part where they have to get thinned out too, I'm such a baby too :)))

  5. I hate thinning too :)
    In a strop, I sowed all my Aubegine seeds - we've never had much luck, the plants grow but the aubergines don't. I swear that they've all come up and I have tons of the little beggars. It seems I shall have to thin :(
    Cute butt, Maggie!

  6. I had seeds rotting too in the greenhouse - I too am fed up with the rain, everything is lush and green now so I think it is time for sun! I would love to grow sweet peas here but when I tried them in years gone past it has been too dry (ha ha maybe this is the year)! Enjoy your beautiful blooms and getting your hands dirty planting.


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