Thursday, 26 April 2012

Just like a fairytale (or something)

I went to the lottie on Tuesday on my own as well! Leaving the house with Maggie I was up there by 5 or a quarter too and got to work (with thanks to Elbow on my MP3 Player) in the sun. Andrew arrived at 5.30ish and had the biggest ever smile on his face - not sure if I have ever seen him quite so happy, hahaha.

We had a picnic and a dander around the plots together, praising this and despairing at that (so many abandoned plots!). Then it was back to work. We weeded like there was no tomorrow and Andrew managed to stake the Broad Beans and prepare the broccoli bed.
Me and Maggie chilling after our picnic
We came home at 7pm and the sun was still shining. But since then I have been asleep - seriously. I went to bed on Tuesday night and woke up for Breakfast, in the knowledge that it was Wednesday and therefore my Support Worker was due - but she was ill and couldn't make it. I sat down on the sofa, a little deflated, got a little chilly and wrapped up in my blankie. I woke up at 4.30pm hahaha and even napped after dinner. Wednesday done. Ummm I seem to have lost a day :)

This morning it was the postman that made me get up (at 11am!!!) and now I am sitting here typing and half asleep. So I guess Monday and Tuesday, though big leaps forward for me have somewhat taken it out of me too. I need a wee nap....
Oooops - 5.15pm now... *blush* but I couldn't help it!!

all harvested now
I have to update you on what we're eating lots of ~
Purple Sprouting Broccoli ~ eating and freezing,
Garlic ~ stored from last year, it just never ends!
Rhubarb ~ eating it in compote form and giving loads away

Oh but the amount of blossom on every single fruit bush and tree, the spuds growing so fast and all the seeds that are germinating! It craziness, the whole place it turning wonderful shades of chartreuse, lime, dark green, yellow-green, pale green, blue-green, dead grass yellow (yes!!) and white and ooohhhhhh, it's fab! Too fab in fact - I'm going to have to show you photos over two days. Tomorrow will be cute baby plants - today? how the lottie is colouring up :D

plum blossom
Cherry blossom

my huge Echinacea coming through - bees love this
so many new raspberry canes
anyone want these - I hate them

my Primula survived it's move :)


  1. If the hated plants are globe artichokes, keep them and let them just flower - the bees absolutely adore the flowers. Ours has now died off but when it was alive and well the large purple flowers were crawling with bees. They dived right inside the flowers. We still have cardoons which produce smaller version of artichoke flowers which the bees also love.

  2. I love that good feeling of tired from hard work, time well spent, something achieved. Then to sink into deep and peaceful sleep. And awake restored, ready for the next round. Going good, Carrie!

  3. Sue ~ that's exactly what I do do, every year :) Hahaha, they're expensive to buy and some people adore them but I always like them go to flower. They are lovely - in France they use them as decorations in huge pots - lovely!

    Diana ~ thank you, it feels much better xxxxx

  4. Wow, those look like pretty healthy stalks of rhubarb! And heaps of blooms everywhere. Maggie must be proud.

  5. Nikki - Maggie is indeed a very proud lottie dog :) hahaha

    Martin and Amy - m (a mysterious comment if ever there was one!) :)

  6. Lovely photos (as always). You've got to love rhubarb, neglected and forgotten for most of the year it sill gives by the bag full!

  7. Love your artichokes - mine are only just growing. Can't believe you don't like them. They are good for the liver!!


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