Sunday, 15 April 2012

And my birthday present goes to....

I swear this was random and I am sorry I can't give everyone a present or two. I adore you all and swear you do keep me going, keep me fighting and help me cope with life. I love learning about your own gardening adventures and enjoy so much the privilege I have of sharing my own lottie ones with you.

My random winner is....

Please do email me your home address as I have a few little gifts all wrapped up and waiting to go to you :)

Happy Birthday 24a!!!


  1. Wow what a lovely surprise although I'm not sure how Royal Mail will cope with balloons! I'll email you straight away!

  2. What a lovely idea, happy birthday!

  3. Wow. Sue is lucky and a happy birthday to the allotment...a bit late. I hope you are feeling better:~)

  4. The gift arrived today and is great thank you Carrie. I'm posting about it on my blog on Saturday with a special mention for your blog.

  5. a year older....


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