Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's MAY !!

Happy Glorious Magical Brilliant Blissful Productive Magnificent May!!

I LOVE May - it is a Month of growth, of new life and (hopefully)sunnier days. It's when the broad beans start to go mad and scramble up their supports, the early potatoes poke through with a friendly green 'hello' of foliage, the blossoms turn into tiny fruit buds - eek!, all the seeds start their journey from dormant seed to flourishing plant with delicious edibles, Maggie gets a hop in her step, the birds are nesting, the roses and honeysuckle burst forth. Ohhh it's tingle time!! Plus all this, so much to celebrate to remember and to share... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May

May is going to be fabulous darling! Think it and it shall be so. I'll be with you all the way sharing the stories of the lottie and other such stuff as comes into my noggin'. But for now, revel in the wonder and come dance round the Maypole of life with me...


  1. I do like May but there agian it is the month that I was born!

  2. Another reason to celebrate Sue :)

  3. It's been dry all day, the sunshine (when it appeared) has been very warm - in short a GREAT start to the month! Soooo looking forward to gardening again! Sounds like you've started the month on a very positive note; lovely!

  4. It's my first year to grow broad beAns....now you've reminded me that I need to get the poles ready! Everything is slow this year! Ok guess I have plans for the bank holiday!


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