Friday, 18 May 2012

A happy explosion of growth at the lotties

Though I wasn't at the lottie too long on Tuesday (it's still blasted well cold here!), I did run around like a huge friendly burglar with my camera, capturing hope filled photos; bundling them up in my swag bag and running off home to enjoy and share :)

So here my lovely partners in hope pilfering (a new classification of crime, haha), I share.....
So many Blueberry flowers
Cherry Blossom and some tiny fruits

potatoes doing well but we still need fleece on hand for frosty nights
peas being planted
baby broad bean

first green gooseberries
the mint plant that never dies :)

first red gooseberries
so many redcurrant flowers

just a little of the Jersualuem Artichoke plants
tiny alpine flowers - such joy
succulent and babies

Baby Scallions
Baby lettuce

Hope you like it - I am finding these photos and a few new ones of Andrew's potting shed seedlings quite uplifting - especially as there were many that Andrew feared weren't going to do anything and now they're flourishing. I'll post more photos but as for tonight - I am being looked at by a lovely bottle of Red Wine - yum ;)
And tomorrow we are off to the Garden Ireland Show - hurrah - first time for us :)


  1. Waiting for your view of the Garden Ireland show.

  2. Lots of lovely things happening there! Enjoy the show.

  3. It's all looking good, with the promise of lots more to come.
    I hope that you enjoyed your day at the show today. Flighty xx

  4. Boy, things are looking gorgeous in those lots. I hope the fruit-bearing plants do really well.

  5. Hope pilfering ... love that phrase! Seeing all the new growth on plants makes me feel very happy too, especially when I can get a photo. Am currently waiting on a rudbeckia about to flower ... Everything on your lottie looking very good and quite a ways along from my own patch.

  6. Looking good! We seem to be waaay behind you :)

  7. great pics - lots happening ;0)

  8. Such a joy to see the first edible produce just starting out. I think you are a couple of weeks ahead of me.


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