Monday, 14 May 2012

Andrew goes Potty

Oh oh, Andrew has gone and got himself a 'man shed' and plonked it in the drive and now he goes there for special Andrew time. It's a potting shed with 6 windows (3 each side) that was designed just for him by a talented local shed maker and delivered a couple of weeks ago - but it's his thing so I wasn't going to share it with you until he was ready. Now it's got lovely shelves inside and stuff growing in it :)

Actually when I look at these photos it looks better now than just a few days ago - there are more seedlings growing big and tall so I guess I shall ask for an invite to take more photos. I am also going to make him a sign for the door, hahaha

Hold on a wee minute until I get my facts straight.....
* it is 7x5 ft
* it is weatherboard/shiplap NOT the inferior outlapping construction
* it is slow grown Scandinavian pine
* pitched roof covered with felt
* 2 air vents have been added by Andrew himself.



  1. How very posh - and a delightful retreat to just potter and ponder. I have a garden studio shed to do the same - and to craft a bit - but often Ijust sit and look out of the doors or the window looking at the garden adn skies etc. Very theraputic

  2. And you can keep an eye on him through the windows!

  3. Boys and their toys. But maybe, just maybe, he'll share this one with you. It's a beauty.

  4. Lots of windows, lots of light, giving your seedlings the very best start in life.

  5. I have shed envy! Flighty xx

  6. Carrie,

    I showed this to my boyfriend...what a mistake. Now he wants his own Man-Shed and he doesn't even garden:~)

    I bet you Andrew is loving his own place to potter around in. It does look very well built.

    Hope all is well with you.

  7. Very nice shed! Is Maggie allowed in there?

  8. THANK YOU for all the comments :)

    It's a true joy, the shed has brought harmony to the house at this time of seedling growth.
    EVERY MAN must have a shed :)
    Andrew can go out and potter and get muck everywhere and the seedlings are doing well. I am 'allowed' to visit and so is Maggie (though she isn't really interested, there isn't anything at her height haha).
    Marital Bliss


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