Thursday, 6 August 2015

harvest time on the allotment

This is a mostly very enjoyable post with much to be pleased about and a fabulous dinner for Andrew and me at the end of it. It's all about the harvest bag he brought home from the plots on Saturday.

Summer harvest - '' ~ An allotment blog

Let's get one point cleared up and put behind us right at the outset. The carrots had carrot fly (I didn't know about this) and when lifted they had carrot fly larvae in them. Oh gross, how disgusting to watch them try to flee their host and to think, it was happening in my kitchen, on my draining board! I have a graphic photo I am going to share in the interests of science, be warned...

Carrot fly larvae- '' ~ An allotment blog

Can you see that in the carrot behind there are 2 more larvae coming out, the longer we watched the more emerged from all the carrot harvest and they were very quickly dumped in the bin - by Andrew, I couldn't touch them.

* We planted a variety called 'fly away' which are meant to provide carrot fly resistance and it did work for a few weeks but then this. We will be doing everything next year, all the tips and companion planting possible - I love me a carrot and so does Maggie.

On with the rest of the harvest. The yellow beetroot, ugly even after a good scrub, but super tasty..
yellow beetroot - '' ~ An allotment blog
I love the beetroot 'dye' that comes out and disperses into the water after scrubbing with our Mr Carrot brush.

The kale is still going, though not for much longer, which is really sad as I love it and it seems to be one of the best foods for you too, if you believe the hype around it. Superfoods, why must there always be something in fashion - good food grown organically and picked at the right time is always going to the best there is for you!

Kale - '' ~ An allotment blog

Not a thing wrong with the beautiful newer harvests of scallions, mangetout and green garlic, long may we eat these glorious fresh veg. For a summer snack, mangetout dipped in hummus is a tasty and much healthier nibble than crisps any day! Plus the garlic is drying in the shed so we'll have it for months :)

Scallions, mangetout and garlic - '' ~ An allotment blog

Our pak choi is coming to an end now, only one left and yes they all had little holes caused by flea beetle but that's harmless enough.
Pak choi and all the other veg - '' ~ An allotment blog

Then is was time for a stir fry with added chicken and rice (which we can't grow on our plots). YUM.

Goodness I started writing this post way back on Monday but I've been going through one of my sleepy periods where I sleep nearly all day and night. Getting back to normal now though (in time for more action on the plots this weekend!) and have so much still to share and blogs to read... Plus it's going to be my blogiversary on the 10th - I can't believe it 7 years!

Hugs and love


  1. We always grow our carrots under environmesh. The mesh goes over as soon as we sow the seeds and doesn't come off again until late into autumn. Your blogiversary on the 10th and our wedding anniversary on the 9th.

  2. Shame about the carrots. I never have much growing them but keep trying. Everything else looks, and sounds, tasty. Happy gardening. Flighty xx

  3. It's a shame the carrots couldn't have had a soak in salty water or vinegar or something and a good rinse when the critters emerged -- outdoors would be a good place to do this -- so that Maggie could have them. There must be a way to prevent these things, maybe it just hasn't been thought of yet.

  4. I once read about a woman who looked for nibbled carrots, counting on them being free of poison. Different strokes.

  5. I grow some carrots in large pots, which always seems to work well as carrot fly can't reach them.

  6. Carrot fly only fly pretty low so a screen round the crops can also work well - insect mesh around poles needs to be a couple of feet high. Easy to make yourself or some companies sell it - think there are also some nematodes which can work as well - the Nemasys range is always good - hope this might help for next year!

  7. Hi Carrie, I learnt that kale can re-grow after collecting its leaves. Give it a go, but I also have a fine mesh over it to stop the butterflies from laying the eggs.


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