Friday 7 August 2015

you say tomato..

If you remember, this is first year we have had a proper little lean-to greenhouse and it's been fabulous. One day we will get a standard sized one (I promise Andrew) but until then, it is amazing the amount of produce you can get from two tomato plants in the right heat and one pepper. Here is a photo of our, I think 3rd little haul from the toms so far and there are many, many more to come. These are Tumbler tomatoes for a change, we usually only grow Gardener's Delight.

little tomatoes - '' ~ an allotment blog

See now, I have actually come outside with my camera to prove to you that these plants are bonkers full of new fruits and really that's just a flavour, a couple of close ups :) Can you tell I'm pleased?
tomato plants- '' ~ an allotment blog

There is also a pepper plant out there, I don't know the variety, I think Andrew rescued it from certain death one day in a nursery. Well that's what my brain is telling me anyway. As far as I can recollect (my memory isn't great today) this is the first successful pepper plant we have had and it sure beats last year's disastrous chili plant attempt - oh the aphids, oh the inhumanity of it all...

We haven't picked any yet as they're still small but they sure look good and so shiny :)

Just whilst I'm on the title of 'you say tomato', I ought to show you the potatoes/potatoes before I 'just call the whole thing off' and go for a nap. 

These are either Sharps' express or Pentland javelin - okay, it's official I suck at remembering things! - but they are great looking and every one is edible. To think back in April we thought we'd never get any planted with the weather so bad, but there's been as good a haul as any year previously :) However not a single plant flowered and I do love me a potato flower photo :(

lifting the last potatoes - '' ~ an allotment blog

So, there we are, just a little more boasting about the things that have gone well, to keep this blog and this summer from sounding like an awful season.

Hugs and Love


  1. Your tomatoes and peppers are a little further on than ours we now need a decent spell of sunshine.

  2. Lovely harvest of very yummy veggies! I planted this year, but we went from cool April weather to around 32C in May (very unusual for this part of the country). The plants wilted, the lettuce went to seed, it wasn't pretty. Watering as much as needed too was out of the question unless we wanted a 160£ $250 US) a month water bill. It's stayed that hot for nearly 3 months and everything just kind of withered and died. I've managed to keep on tomato plant alive it's it being babied :-) Glad to see you up and about :-)

  3. that's an impressive harvest, already!

  4. Nothing tastes as good as your own-grown veggies.

  5. None of it looks awful to me, wish I could get my hands on an allotment, ours are full full full. Keep up the good work - your blog inspires me!

  6. It's all looking good. You're doing much than I am with tomatoes as I've had just one red one so far, with few more to come. Not all potato varieties flower. Flighty xx

  7. Oh, those are beauties, Carrie. Every last one. The most intoxicating scent to me is found on tomato stems and leaves.


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