Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A rant and calming pretty pictures

Today is La Tomatina in Valencia, Spain and, as with every year, I feel my heart breaking at the wastage of all those beautiful red tomatoes in a world were we had an aphid apocalypse in our greenhouse and too many people are truly starving to death or have illnesses like scurvy.

Yep, I'm a spoil sport and I hope everyone who takes part in the festivities today gets hit - whack bang!, in the bum at least once. Damn it.

Deep breath

So I've been ill again for a while and to be honest I still am and the exhaustion accompanying it has had me sleeping whole days away. For you though, I have imbibed much coffee and here we go with a calming post of all those photos I just haven't got around to sharing; I'm also hoping that this will wake up my resolve to get the lottie and use my new Fiskers SmartFit pruners and bring some more flowers home ..... I also have a new book to review on flower arranging crafts so...

forget-me-not ~ '' - an allotment blog
mushroom ~ '' - an allotment blog
climbing french beans - '' - an allotment blog
climbing french beans

blackberries! - '' - an allotment blog
Blackberry bush is covered in fruits = fingers crossed; it's us against the birds!
perfect white cosmos - '' - an allotment blog
White Cosmos - I love them so
mangetout - '' - an allotment blog
last handful of mangetout
allotment cut flowers - '' - an allotment blog
white cosmos, white dahlia, yellow dahlia, pink rose, yellow poppies, red poppies
ittle red peppers - '' - an allotment blog
little red peppers (some have dried tomato flowers petals on them)
Right, I did it, I wrote a wee post and now the whole idea isn't so daunting! I shall be back soon with more photos (I hope to go to the plots this evening) and reviews :)

Much love


  1. Stunning photography as always. I especially love the mushrooms and mangetout ones. Hope you are back at the lottie soon, Lauran x

  2. Sorry you've been unwell, but the white cosmos is enough to cheer anyone up. I grow some of these too and love them.

  3. So, sorry you haven't been feeling well. I'm been taking a new medication which wipes me out and I've been sleeping 14+ hours in a day...not good! My doctor has changed my prescription and I'm hoping to be more active.

  4. We need a bit of sun to get those blackberries ripening. This eternal rain would get anyone down. Love the photos as always.x

  5. Stunning photographs, especially the mushroom and the mangetout, you have such a talent with a camera. I feel exactly the same as you about the tomato festival, it's obscene. Goodness knows what those who are starving must think. Sorry to hear you have been struggling, I hope you see an improvement soon. CJ xx

  6. thanks for gathering those up to share with us.
    I agree - why trash the defenceless tomatoes!

  7. I don't like waste of any kind. Lovely pictures. I especially like the first one and the white cosmos, which is one of my favourite flowers. Flighty xx

  8. That was my first thought about tomatoes being wasted followed by thought if all the food wasted because it was the wrong shape, size etc.

  9. Another excellent blog. I so prod you feel able to share your thought and feeling (depression wish). I always enjoy your blog and excellent photos. I hope you feel good soon :)

  10. Loved the pictures, especially the forget-me-nots. Now, that picture should have a story with it -- the rusted hook in the piece of wood. It's a story of "forget me not."

  11. Ha, Wow! Love the mushroom picture. It really gives me a gardening feel. :-)

    I hope you feel better soon. Think positive thoughts!!


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