Sunday 2 August 2015

I weep to no avail....

I am cloaked in hysteria, saddled with despair.   My apple is gone.

Look do you see it in this photo?

bare red goosberry bushes - ''

No.  All because some greedy little bugger of a bird ate the most of it and left the rest on the ground. He (I am sure it was a he) didn't even do my prized Ecklinville the decency of being savoured at all; he didn't take it home and make a miniature French style 'tarte tatin', so carefully, without wasting a juicy morsel. That was my dream.

Ecklinville apple - ''
memories of my apple
I eye each bird now with suspicion, any one of them could be my nemesis. Damn them all - I shake my fist at the sky. Why?? You heartless winged demon!

We did have 2 gloriously bountiful red gooseberry bushes but the birds took those too. every. last. one.

And last, but not least, my ornithology related tears continue to fall as I gaze upon the mangetouts. Is nothing sacred? The tops are all nibbled away despite Andrew stringing up some mildly annoying pots and bottles to deter such villainy.

bird pecked mangetout plants - ''

I must rest now. Happier news shall come soon...


  1. I am so sorry the little bird took your apple. Can you imagine what joy he must have experienced, finding such a treasure? Next year you must make a little bag or two -- maybe you'll be rewarded with more than one after a year's growth of your tree -- of coarse netting and tie up your apples when they gain a little size.

    1. I guess you're right the wee birdie may not have had evil on it's mind, haha. To be fair we know it was unfair on the new tree to let it fruit but it was too exciting. From now on we will be netting champions though xx

    2. i feel your pain! Tarte tatin.. maybe make tarte douflet? not sure of spelling but potato based.. waxy not dry.. delicious when learnt with a french student staying with us. i have a kiwi plant struggling in the greenhouse due to the inclement weather. xx

  2. What a shame. I feel that it's a bit unfair to blame a he though! Flighty xx

    1. Sorry Flighty, I take it back. It may well have been a girl xx


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