Friday, 4 July 2014

Remembering Mount Stewart

I was contacted by the charity the World Land Trust yesterday and asked to consider supporting their gardening-themed conservation fundraising campaign, the Great Garden Give. The campaign is simple; it involves making a small donation to save an area of threatened habitat that’s the same size as your garden.
Running until July 13, the campaign calls on anyone with a garden to estimate its size in square metres, enter the amount into a calculator on the World Land Trust website and then make the suggested donation (2.5p per square metre or £2.50 for the average-sized UK garden of 100 square metres). Each donation will allow the charity to secure the future of the same-sized area of rainforest, or other threatened habitat, in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia or Mexico through its Buy an Acre projects. 
 Click here to go to the Great Garden Give website and pledge your plot.
 They are also asking people to tell them what their gardens mean to them and to submit photos of their garden (or their favourite garden) on the World Land Trust Facebook and Twitter. Plus there’s a Facebook competition to win gardening vouchers!
So, anyhow this fits perfectly with my planned post for today wherein I wanted to show you one of my all time favourite gardens - the lake walk at Mount Stewart. Andrew, Maggie and I were there last month twice! The first time is was just us and I had only my camera phone but I think the photos I took are pretty good and I'd love to share them with you ~ prepare to fall in love and forget about this cold and dreary Friday :)
Mount Stewart N.Ireland ~ '' - an allotment blog

Mount Stewart N.Ireland (2) ~ '' - an allotment blog

We went back a fortnight later with our dear friends and their children for a picnic and to be part of the plant sale and family fun day. We had a blast and the sun was blazing. I took the 'big camera' and tried to get more captured of that stunning place as we did the same walk (the big house is being refurbished and the pleasure gardens are closed off for safety). 
Mount Stewart N.Ireland (3) ~ '' - an allotment blog

Mount Stewart N.Ireland (4) ~ '' - an allotment blog

Love, hugs and kisses - have a fabulous weekend friends. 
Do consider that 'Great Garden Give' campaign, and maybe share it with your social media friends using this suggested tweet:  
'Help save the world’s most threatened habitats by supporting @worldlandtrust #GreatGardenGive '
Carrie xx


  1. Thank you for showing your support its very much appreciated.

  2. A lovely post about a good cause and a wonderful place. Nice pictures as well. Flighty xx

  3. Just lobe Maggie's expression! Sorry I was distracted from your point wasn't I?


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