Monday 28 July 2014

How to grow Miniature Roses

Cherie 28 (our winner of the serenata flower competition) was in touch this morning. She got her prize in the post, well, she's so sweet that it turns out it was her mother's prize. Yep, unlike me Cherie used the opportunity to share her gift of flowers and also added a cute teddy and her mum was thrilled.

So I was thinking that as Cherie's Mum and I both have miniature rose plants in our lives that it would be a good time to do my research and find out how best to care for these babies. Goodness, open any book on Roses and you'll be overwhelmed by the various types and their needs so we are simply focusing on miniatures....there are many great websites out there to help you.


An introduction to Miniature Rose Growing
'Miniature roses are perfectly scaled, smaller versions of larger roses, with all the colours, forms, substance, and often, fragrance of full-sized roses' (the Dummies' Guide). Also like all other types of rose, they have flowers and leaves completely in proportion (though they may be only half an inch to 2 inches in size) and can be any of the forms we are used to hearing about; climbing, bushy, ground cover etc. 
I may be biased here but I do sometimes feel that smaller can be better, cuter and easier to manage (they only get up to approx 4 feet). I love a rose in a big pot where it can have exactly what it needs and get turned regularly for even sunshine, the thorns are easier to avoid whilst weeding and they only need minimal pruning in the winter. I'm obviously not alone in loving them as many new ones are introduced every year by the big names in cultivation.
Miniature Rose Pink -
Miniatures like mine must only be kept in their gift pot and inside for a short time - they are meant to be outside - free range if you will. Many people plant theirs at the front of their borders but for me I prefer a pot as I said. They are super hardy little things but as with any plant, if it gets ridiculously cold you ought to mulch the roots and if in a pot it is easier to fleece too.
But whilst indoors please follow these rules:
*  Water Regularly and Thoroughly -  It's wise to make sure the topsoil ( the top inch or so) has dried out between your waterings. Check every day during flowering season as the plant is using up a lot of energy (water) and will be thirsty. Plus as they are mini plants, so are their roots, delicate and not getting far down into the soil.
In the winter it's best to keep the soil barely wet and always avoid getting water on the leaves as that is a cause of blackspot. Blackspot can be treated, but avoiding damp leaves, over watering or a stuffy atmosphere will certainly be a  preferable prevention.
*  Keep in good sunlight - as much as you can give it, especially in Summer. But get planning as to where your plants are going to move to soon, outside :)
*  Deadhead - if you want those blooms to keep coming (and they will) you must cut off the dead or dying flowers. Don't rip them off or simply pull them as you will damage the stem, please use sharp scissors if not rose pruners.
*  Fertilise - for the best results, feed your plant more than just water. There are plenty of rose food supplements out there and your rose will thank you for giving it some once every few weeks.
So that is just the basics, I hope you will feel more confident if you are lucky enough to receive some as a gift now. Remember the most important point - they are ultimately for the outdoors with sunshine and lots of lovely water.

Enjoy, and hugs to all
Carrie xx


  1. Great piece Carrie ! I will show my mum these tips to keep her's looking great :)
    I want to thank you on here for running the giveaway & let you know what a lovely lady you seem.

    Cherie x

  2. An interesting, and informative, post. Flighty xx

  3. Now all we all need is a miniature rose to look after :)


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