Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Fave Flowers and that £30 giveaway

I'm just making sure everyone has a chance to enter the fabulous giveaway I have on offer. So, yes, the vast majority of this post is copy and pasted from the previous one but I'm only thinking of you dear reader!

I thought it would be nice to share my favourite plants from the garden at the moment though I have just stuck with flowering ones to be fair. And as I'm not restricted I have three :)
Classic red geranium window boxes; my gorgeous '' pink mini roses; the star jasmine that smells so good and makes hammock time truly feel like being on holiday.

Plus I have these, brought home from the allotment last night - cornflowers and dahlias - lovely!

YES! Serenata flowers is giving away £30 for one lucky winner to spend in their website shop. If you were that winner you would simply have to choose what you'd like to send to a loved one/ receive for yourself. That includes the gorgeous flower bouquets and the plants - what would you pick? Look at all the loveliness here -

The only restriction is that the delivery address for the item must be within the Mainland of the UK. Sorry if that throws a spanner the works for you but that's the rule. Though don't fear as I have more giveaways to do for my blog anniversary that can be shipped anywhere, but that's all still a secret.

In order to win dear reader all you have to do is simply leave a comment on this question.

What's your favourite plant in your garden?

Make sure there is a way to contact you too as I will need that to pass on to the lovely Alexander who is holding this giveaway just for my blog readers. All names so far have been going into a terracotta pot (it's only right) and tonight (Thursday evening) that pot will close. The winner shall be announced on tomorrow :)

Example of comment entry - 
email -

Good Luck!!
Love and Hugs


  1. Alison gemmell24 July 2014 at 09:58

    My new hydrangea :-)

  2. Dahlia

  3. Oh the joy you must have at such a bounty of gorgeous flowers both in your garden and up your allotment. Sadly the site of our allotments has always been an unruly (to put it politely) field. Until recently it was a mess of old rusty machinery, and rubbish, and arghhhhh so much more. But this past year or so the committee have taken control and are trying to make it neater - with all our funds.

    Oh the joy you must have of being able to lay in a hammock in the garden - I do envy you. I have to stay out of the sun due to skin cancer problems, so my trips up the allotment are early in the morning when the sun is not out - and I just love gloomy weather days, and crisp winter days.

  4. Omg only allowed one....tough to pick just one OK goin to go with pupils second was my hollyhocks :) oh and if by some mad chance I won would send to my sister who in the UK :-) for her new garden

  5. we used to have a jasmine in the greenhouse and we couild always tell when one of us had been in there as our clothes and hair were perfumed!


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