Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Allotment plot frittata

This is the time on the plot where there is so much glorious goodness to be eaten and one could almost become overwhelmed. I know, we've been there... Sometimes you can store it, pickle it, freeze it, give it away, let the birds nibble it or make jams and chutneys until you fear you'll go mad!!

Well this year, we planted successionally and only what we needed, for example 2 courgette plants and that's still plenty! But still there has come a time now when we have lots and lots of food and must use it up for fear of feeling ashamed and wasteful.

This is where Andrew's new culinary masterpiece will come in handy. The Allotment Plot Frittata :)

This is all the stuff that goes into a 2 person version and the starred ingredients are those we grew ourselves, just to show you:
* Chard stems and leaves
* Broad beans
* Courgette
* Dwarf french beans
* Garlic
* Potatoes
 3 eggs
oil and seasoning

It's one of those recipes where you just have to see what you have and work with it, (there is a recipe in the River Cafe cookbook that's just for a lemon and sorrell one!). All you do is constantly stir, lightly season throughout the process and just have a relaxing time (maybe sipping a glass of wine would help the whole thing move along).
The best way to explain is to show you....

* the first thing is to parboil the potatoes (chopped and sliced here)

* then get the chorizo cooking and add a little olive oil

add in chopped up greens

* courgette goes in last; stir and flip extra fancy like...

* Add in your leafy chard tops, it shrinks down to nothing. Then the potato goes in too. Looking good!!

* Egg time and you have 3 large ones to break and whisk - no shell please, that all goes in the compost!

* After allowing it to cook enough to fill the gaps and have some solidity it all goes in the grill - at this point it's good to have a guard dog to watch for burning :)

It's ready !!  :)

* And tah dah!!! Yummy

Love and hugs 
(munch, munch, yummm)


  1. I had planned a very similar lunch for us, and then had a quick read of your version. Chard, potatoes, peas and onions from Lottie, plus bacon and mushrooms all stir fried into "allotment hash". I may even sprinkle some cheese on top if I am feeling adventurous. Hope you enjoy your frittata.

    1. Oh golly, a touch of just got to!! I love the idea of this in the winter too; spinach and cheese...yummy.
      Nice to receive your comment!

  2. That looks and sounds delicious. Flighty xx

  3. Carrie I think this is just fabulous!! A wonderful way to eat of those yummy veggies and this recipe looks delicious!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day friend! Nicole xoxo

    1. *blush* you have to really thank Andrew, I simply take the photos and write....he creates! Xxc

  4. Ah, my favorite kind of recipe -- whatever's available! And with your productive plots, you've got so much to choose from. Now you've got me hankering for a Spanish tortilla (eggs and potatoes).

    1. I know, right!!? I absolutely love easy cooking, I'm more of a baker but this is simple enough even for me. xx

  5. It's a great idea for using lots of different things at once, I'll definitely be making this soon. CJ xx

    1. Oohh I've inspired you, or Andrew has. It will be great for using up stuff; gluts and the last of the seasons produce xxx

  6. Replies
    1. She had a little bit of chorizo, some potato and a few broad beans :) thanks for asking xxx

  7. Carrie girl I am reading this early evening and you made me hungry because this looks so GOOD !!
    I too wondered if Maggie got a wee taste of it : ) .. how wonderful is it to have so much of it grown from your own allotment ... I wish I was more into veg and fruit to do that with too .. I am a lazy gardener, just give me some flowers or foliage to plant and I will stick with it ... for a while ? LOL
    Wonderful recipe sweetie !!

    1. Joy, your garden is an absolute triumph. Don't go changing it to do vegetables!! We're so lucky to have a little back garden and an allotment.
      What a compliment that our frittata made you hungry! Xxx


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