Monday, 1 July 2013

On the Plots (16th June)

Okay, okay, I get it, no more dilly dally-ing from me - I am on a new rota of blogging and you shall hear from me more often, whether you like it or not. Loads is happening at the plots and I simply haven't been bothered to take photos - shameful I know.

This post is going back in time *insert wavy lines here*...back to June 16th, the day before our Weeding  Wedding Anniversary (do you see what I did there?? oh I am funny!) So that was 2 Saturday's ago and the next post on the allotments will be from last Saturday so we can see the incredible changes one week made to our lottie.

We start with a bright a cheery picture of loading up the car with scallions, broccoli, celeriac and leeks..

 Wow, literally 3 minutes up the road and the clouds roll in!! Luckily these were just nice fluffy, friendly clouds and they didn't rain on us until we were just leaving anyway :) I like that sort of cloud, plus you know the plants are all getting a darn good soaking....

These are the first 2 beds on either side of Plot 24a looking great, if I may be so bold (all Andrew's work anyway so I'm just bigging him up!) Look at the those spuds :D on the left I'm starting to get excited about my various peas and beans - yummy.

 The 2 middle beds are full of  beans, spinach, lettuce, chard and broccoli (left bed)
and Roots galore plus Sweetcorn in the right bed (scallions, parsnips, carrots, turnips, beetroot)

Up at the back on the left of the tree arch we have 3 bushes of Blueberries coming (again with the fight with the birds will start in earnest soon - really, after 5 years we ought to get the fruit cage sorted!) Beside them are my Sweet Peas - oh for a lovely bunch....hurry up!

14b is more of a miss in terms of this post (I have tried to fix it up but it's still embarrassing) so you are only getting to see this little part because of the good job I did, hahaha.... It round by the now over Purple Sprouting Broccoli and the boundary line between us and the neighbour 14b.

The bees were loving the flowers there and the bed was humming with merriment so they were left for now..

Now we need your help - this is what's happening to one of our plum tree fruits. This was them on Saturday, in the past weeks they have been a lime colour with touches of this creaminess..

Can you tell us what the heck is going on??...we can't find it in any of our books.


  1. Wow I can't believe all the growth! Everything looks so lush. Hooray for rain :)

    As far as the unidentified thing, I am afraid I have no clue friend :/

  2. I can't solve the mystery of the plums, but I did enjoy the pictures and your excitement about your plots. They are looking very GOOD and yummy.

    It's also nice the clouds waiting for you to finish before dropping their water on the plants.

    I look forward to more posts and love to watch your garden grow:~)

  3. That's very very sad about the plums, but I can't take my eyes off your gorgeous tidy picture-perfect plot! Everything in neat rows with an effusion of pristine leaves. Yay Andrew. But even if not tidy, your other plot still looks thriving. Hope the yield is really great this year. And happy anniversary!

  4. Wow, your allotment really is looking fantastic, and all of your plants ready to put out are really healthy. No idea about the plums I'm afraid, I hope you find out what it is. Now I have seen your photos I shall definitely have to go and tackle my plot this morning... Hope you have a good week Carrie, xx

  5. The only plum disease I can think of is brown rot.

    So someone else who can grow celeriac - unlike us :(


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