Friday, 5 July 2013

Gooseberries and Goosepimples

You would not believe me if I didn't have photographic evidence, in fact I would not believe me unless I had taken my camera but today I went to the allotment on my own! I can barely explain the feeling other than terror at being out by myself, paranoia about all the people that passed me, unquenchable stubbornness and focused on the now when I was picking fruit and weeding. It's an odd mix.

Here is our beautiful plot 24a

and with a few highlights I noticed....

Over on 14b I got my hands ripped to pieces as I fought the sawfly caterpillars for my Gooseberries. It was war out there and I have wounds oh yes, I was bleeding as they pushed the thorns into my hands (they are small but a mighty force) but I got MY fruit!! Plus, although I should have, I didn't kill any of the blighters....

Arrrrghhh, tell me please, how am I meant to cope with all these abandoned plots around me!! My hay fever has reached fever pitch even with medication from the Dr. Oh Zeus Almighty, my eyes are on fire, the roof of my mouth is so itchy and down inside my ear canals! Why there, I can't get to there and have a satisfying scratch!!?? Why :'(

Home with a little posey of Sweet Peas, so many gooseberries I seriously don't know what I'm going to do with them and a happy smile  :D

Happ(bee) Weekend


  1. Woo hoo, congratulations, you should feel very proud of yourself going on your own.
    I now how you feel about the other plots, there are so many overgrown, untended plots where I am/was.
    My gooseberries aren't ripe enough to pick yet, but, so far no sawfly. I'm picking raspberries & strawberries at home though.

  2. What beautiful photos, the first one is absolutely lovely. I picked gooseberries today too and I've got the scratches to prove it. Also some sweet peas and roses. I'm suffering with hayfever today as well, the grass is indeed in full swing. What a shame about the derelict allotments. Most places seem to have waiting lists these days. Ours are quite strict about keeping everything fairly neat but there's still quite a bit of seeding grass around. Some of it on my plot, ahem.

  3. YAYYYY!!!! I'm so proud of you, Carrie!!! Well done you! You should be mightly proud of yourself... I love your Leo stubbornness! ;D
    Your photos are just wonderful!
    And I can't kill any critters either... not even mosquitos, can you believe that?
    Have a great, happy weekend!

  4. You are all so lovely, thank you for realising the hugeness of my trip today xx

    Liz - you are so lucky with strawberries and raspberries!! We are without summer ones this year as they didn't take to being moved :(

    CJ - would you believe there is a huge waiting list! I really want people who can't work their plots to give them up (my force if necessary) and give them to people who could seriously benefit from the exercise and good food to be had. Seems the council doesn't care as long as you pay rent... :( Glad you too won the battle with the thorns and got your gooseberries x

  5. e17ijh and Annuk - thanks for the photo comments xx

    Annuk I simply can't believe it apart from the sore hands and the exhaustion haha.

  6. Well done! I'm not keen on gooseberries but that looks to be a fine haul.
    terrific photos, especially that last one with the bee.
    Thanks, and you too. Flighty xx

  7. Oh, and my sympathies about the hayfever. I used to suffer, especially during my teens, but thankfully grew out of it. Flighty xx

  8. Ouch, they look nasty little blighters! But wow, gooseberry crumble on the menu tomorrow?? My kids have the worst hayfever ever this year, nothing is touching it. Your allotment looks perfection, especially compared to the others. You should be proud of yourselves for all the work you have put in this year. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Chel x

  9. Awesome! You rock! I am so happy that you made it to the lottie by yourself. I know what an immense effort it took. I'm almost as happy as if I'd done it myself. So proud of you!

  10. Good for you Carrie, determination is a good thing, besides, I think garden is great therapy.
    Gooseberries, Yumm I have not tasted one in years.

  11. Wow. You did it all by yourself and took some lovely pictures to show for it, which I get to enjoy. My favorite is gooseberries. I don't we have these in the States???? They are pretty. Do you make gooseberry pie or what.

    You really are an excellent photographer. You have a way of positioning the subjects of your pictures in just the right. even the caterpillar looks rather nice sitting on his leaf. I am proud of you for not killing them. I imagine this is difficult when they eat your garden

  12. Very brave! Wish we could grow gooseberries. I remember them from my great grandmothers garden.

  13. Oh frabjuous day!

    I'm also seriously impressed with your new garden haven at home.


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