Friday, 12 July 2013

Exciting Garden Update

Over the past couple of weekends my hubby, yes my hubby handmade 2 amazing chairs for the back garden. He looked at many photos online and found some simplified instructions but basically he was just awesome and I am so proud. He made them primed them and then, cause he loves me, he let me pick the final colour and buy little cushions.

They're called Adirondack chairs and they're so huge and armchair like, perfect for the day and with a blanket in the evenings. He is also going to make me a curved footstool and a wee table - eek! Brilliant.

So while I was taking photos of them to blatantly show off to the world, I thought I would document how the garden has taken a real growth spurt and is really starting to become the place we hoped for. Maggie helped - any photo she's in is her ' taking you on the tour' on the rest, well she was standing at my feet.

The beech hedging is beginning to settle and grow well but it's the Christmas box below that is really surprising me, especially after it was given a little trim. Finally the bare bones of the garden are showing signs of vigour and in the end this will completely mask the bins and storage unit behind it :)

Could not be happier at the rate the Boston ivy is growing, everyday one can see a change and now there are tension wires up it's starting to go in all directions :D 
The stained glass window with mirror behind is an absolute triumph if you ask me - I adore it.
The slate plaque there says 'tea-ism' and is just a geeky (and sweet way) of saying the tea garden is this way..

 The tea garden; a raised platform completely enclosed and private with lots of verdant greens and a pergola roof which one day will be covered in that very healthy Wisteria - heaven. At night we also light the Chimenea and get the candles out

Snippets of the rest of the garden with that Wisteria, more bright red in the form of Geraniums, the hedgehog on my cushions, delightful Jasmine buds, Acer, bronze Maple (A. will kill me for not remembering it's name) the evidence of our new outside tap (hurrah) and my favourite - the washing which recently has been drying within minutes :) 

 Hope you enjoyed the tour - now to get out there and enjoy it whilst sewing and chatting with my hubby (public holiday here today so he's off - yay!!) Maggie wishes you a very happy weekend to come xx


P.S. Thank you so much for all the comments, emails and tweets that I have recently been receiving - you dear readers make my heart glow xx


  1. Love the chairs and the garden generally. So jealous! x

  2. Wow your garden is absolutely beautiful! And Maggie is adorable :)

  3. A happy weekend for Maggie too - hope it isn't too hot for her but warm enough to enjoy your cheerful chairs!

  4. Lauran, Keith and Sue, - I wish you were all here and I could give you a big bear hug (and Maggie could give you a little lick). Thank you so much for your comments, truly they make my day xxxxxxx

  5. Terrific looking chairs. The garden is looking really good as well. Flighty xx

  6. love it :) one day we'll sit out there with our mugs of tea/coffee/whatever and have a proper chat :)

    thanks a million for the letter which arrived today :D I'll reply soon xxx

    love you loads and loads xx

    ps do you still have the smuggled Valentia slate pieces?

  7. Ali BellGemmell12 July 2013 at 22:49

    Flip me! It all looks gorgeous! This is now our second year with a garden and I totally appreciate it, especially in this weather. Wishing you many more beautiful days and nights to enjoy it all, particularly the chair! Xo

  8. Lucky you. I would love some of these chairs, they are beautiful and he did such a good job! Your garden looks fantastic too!

  9. Thank you Flighty :) xxx

    Rosemary - you MUST come up and we shall sit all day and into the darkness - I miss you!
    Plus yep the Valentia Slate makes huge, gorgeous stepping stones from the little corner sign to the actual tea garden. Stepping stones are meant to humble the walker :)
    I want my letter now... xx

  10. Ali - thank so much, it's so important to have your own space, and I love ours!

    Nicci - aww thank you! I am thinking I really ought to hire him out to make chairs for all who want them, hummmm :) x

  11. Carrie,

    The chairs are to die for!!!! Typical of someone from the exclamation mark just isn't enough:~)

    Your garden is really nice. I like the tea garden, the Boston Ivy and well, everything. It's makes me want to visit. What a green thumb you have and such a talent for creating beautiful spaces.

    Hope you have a good weekend. My daughter in London says it's very HOT where she is.

  12. Sara - thank you so much for your excitement and exclamation marks! I can't take much of the credit, this is Andrew's work under my supervision ;) We are both very pleased with how it is maturing.

    And yes, it's warm here!


  13. Carrie. Well only if he wants a holiday in Australia I guess!? Hubby has previously suggested he would like to build some. It's just a matter of finding/making the time. Anyway, I am happy to see someone do such a great job of it. Something to look foreward to....

  14. You have created something truly beautiful!! And yay to your hubby for making those lovely chairs. Man are so handy at stuff we cant even dream about doing, really :) Lovely job!!


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