Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Joie de Vivre (part 2)

So where did we leave off yesterday? Ahh yes, sweet little Rylee's Birthday party was all finished (nap time) and we were returning to the plots.....

Mamma G and Anne arrived shortly after, with their own empty bags, hahaha - time to get some of our potatoes; we love to share our bounty. The whole bed was dug up and honestly we have never had a better yield from potatoes ever! The Red Duke of York were lovely, all knobbly and such a gorgeous colour; remember they were super cheap from a discount store so - result! But oh my the Sharp's Express were a knockout, I have never seen such prolific spuds, large ones too, suitable for baking, but really they are suitable for everything (we like them roasted, simply boiled and pan fried or mashed. They're the best all rounder spud out there in my humble opinion (and I don't even like potatoes that much!)

all from 2 plants!
We were also able to give away some Scallions, garlic, peas and lettuce, spinach...

Whilst we had visitors Cecil turned up at the plot next door - we has done for a huge 3 bag harvest himself, he was going to be able to share it all with his daughter and daughter in law. We chatted briefly about how damn good that feels - to give good honest home grown vegetables to those you love.

Then all was quiet again on the plots, it was just myself and Andrew getting on with our tasks. The sun had gotten so strong that little Maggie had to go home to cool off, for us two there was a different solution - a cheeky ice cold beer to refresh us and give us the energy to carry on for a few more hours. Ahhh beer....

So I finally managed to clear 'the corner of shame', oh it felt a little like Christmas only better, lol. I loved taking on this area of utter mess and dumping that which can not be used, drying out animal feed bags which we use for collecting manure, drying out those ground sheets that were so important during all that snow and frost earlier in the year and throwing out dead, beyond dead, plants! I even met a frog :), saw one of the few ladybirds we have had this year and built a lovely slate bug resort :) Though as my camera battery was dying, there aren't any photos :(
the before and after
Andrew dug up the garlic - great bulbs again as always and planted 2 more squash plants in the now empty potato bed. Again, I need to take more photos but this was the best I could get. I had to turn the camera off and and on a few times to trick it into giving me a photo at all!
the garlic harvest
Lastly there was my awesomely terrible Pinterest fail of a sign for plot 14b. Lucky I can laugh at myself but this was horrendous, I giggled until I hiccuped...
top left:   top right:
We left the plot that night at 8.20pm, utterly aching and exhausted. I had to have a shower the second I got into the house and but not before I quickly scribbled down that it had been a good day. By the time that shower was over my depression had returned and I had the worst panic attack ever. I'd overdone it. But at least I have those memories and the knowledge that it is possible to lose oneself in Nature, let her take over my worries and insecurities for a while and just be at one with myself, my breath and earth on my hands and the sun on my back...



  1. A job well done there girl! I'm glad it isn't just me that make signs for the plot - I painted a floral number for our shed on plot 42!

    Are you sure you are Irish? Not keen on potatoes?

  2. While I am sorry about the panic attack, it is amazing all you did prior to it and your tone of voice. You sound so happy, even if you had deal with the attack. It's like the garden feeds more than just your stomach; it feeds your soul. And that, my friend, is wonderful gift.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Everything looks yummy, including the beers. I'm also pleased you have sunshine:~)

  3. A beautiful day indeed. Thanks for the tip on your best potato variety, I might try it next year I think. I'd love to see a picture of your slate bug shelter as well, as I want to incorporate that kind of thing on my plot and in the garden too. Sorry the day ended badly, but I hope you are feeling better today. Hope you have a good weekend Carrie.

  4. Precious sweet moments and memories...
    I do agree with Sara :) Nature feeds your soul, you sound so happy. Nature is indeed such a wonderful gift, and you said that so beautifully in your highlighted lines...
    Off for my walk in the woods! :)

  5. It's all looking and sounding good on the plot.
    It's simply not worth overdoing it as I feel you should know by now!
    Take care, Flighty xx

  6. Carrie girl that was an amazing day in your garden and having so much of a bounty was wonderful !
    Wish I would meet a frog or two : )
    I understand about the attack from doing too much .. I have them too, but more physical pain joined with it .. takes me days to get over but having that connection with the garden and nature is so worth it : )
    Lovely post sweetie !
    Thank you !
    Joy : )

  7. Joy - I knew you would understand. It's been too long since we chatted, I really need to read more about your garden - it's incredible the work you've done xxx

    Oh Flighty - I know but I get so into it I just think one more job, then there's another one that I notice... I am getting better I think/hope xxx

  8. Annuk - of course you 'get it' your walks (which I love going on with you via your gorgeous photos) are the perfect antidote to modern life x

    CJ - yep, in my humble opinion Sharp's Express is the best - oh that rhymes :-) There's a photo of my slates in the next post ... But I will do a wildlife special xx

  9. Sara - as always you have the perfect words xxx thanks for your comments xxx

    Sue - I just can't get the creative sign making juices flowing. And yes, I am very N.Irish to my core - I was born in Belfast to 2 families that can trace back to the plantation and older. Haha xxx


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