Friday, 19 July 2013

Guerrilla gardening with Prezzy Box

Sometimes cool little things happen when you've been writing a blog for a while, in that PR people will contact you so see if you'd like to review one of their products. This has happened a few times to me and this week, it happened again. An online gift website called asked if I would check out something from their range of gardening gifts - look a gift horse in the mouth? no, not I. I said yes.

What I was sent?  ....  Flower Grenades for guerrilla gardening.

Well first they arrived in no time and by courier which I liked - care and attention had been put into this. The packaging was good too; a nice cardboard box with bubble packets inside to absorb any knocks.

When I opened the package I was more than happy that it was flower bomb time and the presentation package was really stylish. Though I didn't like the look of the 3 grenades that lay inside - surely that was a joke...

But no, I was rather disappointed to see that they were in fact quite realistic grenades, though made of clay. As a huge pacifist I was dumbfounded that these would even exist. How can I be seen with a replica small bomb here in Northern Ireland without feeling awful and embarrassed?

I lifted one out and lo the whole contents spilled into the box. All the poppy, ryegrass and buttercup seed mix was only held in place inside that clay receptacle with a tiny sticker :(  Instantly I felt this gift was style (or indeed gimmick) over substance.

So this weekend ( Happy Friday Everyone!) I shall try to guerrilla garden a little, somewhere very private down an abandoned laneway.  I shall report back to let you know how it worked out :)

May I say that I still hold fast to the packet of native wildflower seed mix in the old pocket whilst out for a walk and just sprinkling a few as you hike?? That's what I've done in the past....


  1. I like the idea of guerilla gardening, and like you happily sprinkle seeds around occasionally.
    I don't like these though and feel that it's an idea that should be changed or shelved.
    Flighty xx

  2. Flighty - thanks for the back up, I was worried I sounded rude xxxx

  3. It is insensitive isn't it, could lead to all sorts of unwelcome problems..

    It is interesting though being asked to review things but must admit many have to be turned down as inappropriate.

  4. You know Sue, I couldn't even bring myself to be seen with them. There are daily bomb hoaxes here!

    Don't know what I'm going to do.. x

  5. Not sure whether my last comment went up - if it did just delete this.

    Can you just tip out the seeds and scatter your usual way? Have you sent them an email to explain their mega error of judgement?

  6. Criminals here have used grenades a few times in recent years so there could be real problems if anyone is seen with these. Just imagine the police tasering or even shooting someone by mistake.
    Carrie I would get rid of them and tell the company what you did and what your concerns are about them. Flighty xx

  7. Sue - I am going to do just that today, I already decided I am not going to be using the clay casing at all!!! I think I may have to say more to them in an email. x

    Oh Flighty, I know!! I'm taking the seeds out of them here in the house and then spreading the seeds in sad places. Fear not I will be honest with them, it's made me so uncomfortable xx

  8. I'm not sure the grenade as a vehicle for distributing seeds is the kind of thing you want associated with random beautifying. And, apparently, it doesn't even do a very good job of traveling by post to you.

    People in my area are also really sensitive about introducing non-native plants but perhaps abandoned urban/suburban lots might be okay.


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