Friday, 14 June 2013

Goodbye Google Reader :(

I have been a most terrible blogger I know, please don't throw your slugs onto  our plot or indeed send me any more aphids in the post! haha. 
As you all know the allotment is a place of therapy for me (Allotmentherapy/ Ecotherapy) but the fact is I have feel to well enough to go outside to be there and I haven't. It's complex; the Allotment is not an easy place for me, a place where my problems all disappear, often it's really tough. So as I say, I have been unable to go due to illness and therefore unable to write about it.
I shall not be stopping and thus we get to the crux of this post.. following Grow Our Own or indeed continuing to do so.
Google Reader is going bye bye forever, don't ask me why, I don't understand the need to create such a stir and confuddle all our comfort. I fear change ;) With it going we will all lose the blogs we've merrily been following through Google reader and I won't let that happen to my readers or to the blogs I love. We need to stay in touch and the way I have done this is via Bloglovin'.
It's a huge and very popular (because it's so easy to use) alternative that's been around for ages. 
All you do is log on and create an account.......It will ask you if you want to import all the blogs you have been reading on Google Reader into this sparkling new account - say YES PLEASE by clicking the button :).........And ta-dah, you are done :) I'll be there and we can stay up to date, they even send you an email everyday to tell you which of your favourite blogs has put up a new post, clever.
I have even been able to put different blogs into different groups - it's an intuitive platform. And there's an App for it too, for all you super tech savy people.

This is what it looks like; very simple and clean - I'm a huge fan. So, if you haven't already it's time get a new reader, my choice is obvious Bloglovin'.
Hope to show you lottie stuff soon xx


  1. It works, it works, I see it!
    My choice is Feedly, where I've just caught your post. We're good to go, forward.

  2. Yes Diane! We shall not be parted xx

  3. I don't like change either, but I do have Bloglovin and you are there so all is well. Hope you are feeling able to get to the allotment soon. And I hope that the sunshine comes back too.

  4. CJ - I love Bloglovin' and so glad it's so easy :) But I love sunshine more - where is it? We have heavy rain expected for today :(
    Love and hugs

  5. I'm already following you on Bloglovin', Carrie :)
    BUT I'm going to miss Google reader, and especially my beloved sidebar widget, showing only the blogs I really follow and not the thousands I've signed up to! I want that back!!!!!!! :(

  6. I think that most of us don't change much, if at all.
    That certainly looks to be a good alternative. Flighty xx

  7. I set up an account a while ago and also have a follow on Facebook and Twitter. I use networked blogs so it automatically posts on both Twitter and Facebook without me doing anything other than post. THis way everyone has a choice of how they follow - To be honest I use my blogroll to update me which I hope stays when reader is retired. You will also lose the followers list which is a shame as I love it when a new follower pops up!

  8. I'd love to try BlogLovin but I'm already signed up with three other services. And my office has a phobia about the word "blog" -- they block anything with that in it. Since I need a reader for work as well.... I'll probably stay with The Old Reader and Feedly (for home). Glad you've found something that works. You're on each of my new readers, so I certainly won't miss out!

    On another note, whenever I see snail or grasshopper sculptures that are supposed to go in gardens, I think that these people must not be gardeners who know an arch enemy when they see one.


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