Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sunshine out the Back :)

It's very close to being unbearably warm outside today - I can't believe I'm writing that but it's true. Maggie won't even stay out for long and she is a sun worshipper, always finding the best spots and laying out full length. Today she has been inside more than me and only sticks to the shadows unless she has 'needs' ie. 'toilet needs'.  Thank goodness I cut  her hair last Friday or I fear she would be dead - wearing a fur coat in summer just ain't right, and neither is eating some of the seedlings (naughty!) or drinking water from the fountain out there but hey, she is a free and wild little spirit..

I'm too hot to think of words to say , here are my photos - yep, now you know how to shut me up!  :)

 This is the view of the back that I get sitting here typing this now :)

 The cold frame with loads of babies all doing well, apart from maybe the mizuna lettuce there on the right which has bolted, oops!

Our new tree; it's a red leafed Norway Maple and the leaves are lovely and soft and floaty. Sadly the Cherry tree that was there wasn't very happy and despite Andrew's best medical care - it died :(

I love this view with the fountain all naturally stinky now and all those pebbles from different happy days out. Surprisingly the Acer is doing really well at the moment, though now I've said that it will probably drop all it's leaves just to spite me, it does that. On the back wall we now have a Boston Ivy that seems pretty happy - we want it to grow like mad and surround the salvaged stained glass window we got recently. Isn't it so pretty?? Andrew put a frame around it and a mirror behind it so the light really shines and look, a little friend sits atop of it ...
 Well here is my happy discovery - Andrew just went outside, saw it and proclaimed loudly 'oh a dead ladybird' and yes, he was right - devastated!!

From here there is a sweet little walk to the tea house which is in full sun and that lovely Birch tree is growing up really quick and providing even more privacy. The large bamboo got a little wind burnt but then we extended the fence upwards and conditions have definitely improved. You can also see the Wisteria is doing really well, I think next year there may be flowers - eeekk! This is where we'll be having dinner tonight again :) Happy days. 
That isn't just a random post on the right, by the way, there is a batoned roof above where I hang lanterns and where the Wisteria will eventually get all tangled around.

So there you go - our back garden in the beautiful Northern Irish sunshine - days like these really do need to be photographed and shared; come the dark, cold winter I know I'll never remember that days like this shall come again!



  1. Beautiful summer, and a beautiful garden. You are right, we need to remember these days.

  2. Oh carrie it's all so beautiful : D Xxx

  3. I guess with all the reflective white you have yourself a suntrap!

  4. The perfect place to sit, look and relax! Flighty xx

  5. What a lovely little retreat you and hubby created. I like the color of the walls it makes it appear cool even when it's burning up outside.

  6. I've had your post marked for viewing and commenting, but it's been back-to-back projects! Anyway, so glad you're finally getting some sun and maybe even a little too much sun! That view is beautiful. You and Andrew have really made yourselves a lovely retreat. And then all those little seedlings ready to go in the ground. Gorgeous.

  7. Carrie, you have a lovely place to hangout, it looks so peaceful.

  8. it looks so inviting, hard to believe that it is so new.


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