Monday, 24 September 2012

Paths, pruning and a pumpkin

Andrew was off for a few days (hurrah) so we got to spend some time out and about at a National Trust Estate, worked hard at the plots and also got some art up in the house - you know, all those things you really want to just get cracking on with but time (or the lack of it) gets in the way...

So the paths - I have to say that the Council still isn't doing the majority of the work they really ought to be - there are overgrown pathways at the plots still and on Saturday I took a fall :( Well Andrew and I have taken it into our own hands and the grass paths around our plot edges have been cut down to nought with shears first and then lawn mower-ed with our little old fashioned hand powered/sweat powered machine.

This strip took 2 hours alone, but on the plus side I have sore and toned arms :)

Andrew pruned back the fruit arch yesterday and found an apple up top which he ate as his reward and I cut back the blackberry (or bramble berry as I like to call it). It makes me nervous, still after all this time, to do what I call 'proper gardening'; but this was easy enough, just cutting the stems that had fruit on them this year and tracing them all the way back to the ground level. I was all eager to do the tying in of the newer stems but it's so darn fiddly and with double vision I just hadn't the patience. There were other things to be getting on with.

I am still on top of the weeding on 14b (mostly). I shall take a bow here if you don't mind - it's blasted hard work with so many untended plots surrounding us and blowing their nasty seeds onto my lovely soil.

Lastly - here is our total pumpkin harvest for the year. It wasn't the best year for us, haha. This one looks good from afar though :) They will taste lovely I know but this time last year we had an attic floor carpeted with glorious squashy -ness. Nevermind :)

 I have a photo of an amazing one on our friend's plot. I don't know what he's feeding it but it's twice the size of my head, goodness know he will lift it.


  1. Wow! What a difference in the path! It's so rewarding when you can see where you've been :)
    Enjoy your pumpkin, pumpkin ;)

  2. We're pumpkinless this year!

    Have you let the council know that you have fallen - scare them into action by making them think you will sue.

  3. Carrie girl hello there !
    You must be tanned and toned after all that work : )
    What a big difference it makes with the paths in order .. BAD council!!
    I love that you have a pumpkin sweetie : ) feels like a little bit of "Crazy Halloween Me" is actually there with you ? LOL
    What hard workers you both are .. well done you two !!
    Joy : )
    Our part of Canada is finally cooling off .. phew !!

  4. Lovely pumpkin, I have got 2 off mine, hope for more next year. At our allotments we have to cut the grass paths ourselves, the council aren't responsible, so I know who knackering it is, I also have a push mower and do the bit by my own plot.

  5. Goodness, you have been busy. All worthwhile though when it looks as good as that. Enjoy the pumpkins. Flighty xx

  6. Wow. You must have worked hard on that path. The "before" and "after" pictures are amazing.

    You and Andrew work very hard to keep your plot neat. Nature never makes this easy to do:~)

    I hope all is well with you!


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