Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Just One of Many

All this talk in the aftermath of the Olympic and Paralympic Games has me feeling a little unremarkable, haha. I feel I shall never be known for a great act but in a way I am asbolutely fine with that as well. It would be nice to be special but then again to my Hubby I am at least :)

It got me thinking about things in life that truly are found in their millions and could be seen as unremarkable and thus these few photos came to mind. I took them at the allotment and though they are everywhere, literaly weeds, they are stunning in their own right. Just like we all are, whether we have a medal or letters after our names, money and fame, or not...

I accidently put this up on my photography blog but it was meant for here.

I also wanted to take the time to thank you all for reading this blog. 3 days ago I crossed the 50,000th visitor mark and I am truly humbled, thank you for having an interest, thank you for reading about Ecotherapy. Again I am struck by how this is merely one of many blogs out there on gardening but YOU have choosen to bless me by visiting - I'm nothing special, yet you make me feel 10ft have my thanks and my love...

hugs xx


  1. You are special - you inspire me with your determination and passion even on your not so good days xxx

  2. thank you Jobee, thank you so much xxx

  3. Stunning pictures! you are a star.

  4. Well yes, there are other gardening blogs available, and there are other photography blogs available - so the thing we must be coming back for again and again is your words. You must be more special than you think. Lynda xxx

  5. Special people are the ones who don't think they are special!!


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