Thursday, 13 September 2012

Food Glorious Food!! (updated)

Grow Our Own
Eat Our Own

Here's is some of the utterly delicious food we are eating right now :) It's like food pornography, these photos, hahaha. Enjoy......


all we needed was a Noodle Tree and this would be all our produce :)
and lots of Autumn Raspberries but somehow I never manage to get a photo of them ;) yummmy! Far nicer than the summer ones in my opinion.

I have most of my next Autumn Clear Up post ready, all the Before and After photos done :) So just hold on a wee bit longer and you'll see the transformation and an idea of what changes are to come to the plots - ooohhh!


  1. fantastic! well done, you...i'm getting super excited that my first tomatoes are starting to turn orangey!

  2. awww Ruby THANK YOU xxx.
    That is our 1st red one :)

  3. That plate in the middle looks delish - what's in it?

  4. it's everything from the photo above it :)
    scallions, red beetroot, yellow beetroot (which goes orange when cooked), yellow beetroot leaves, kale, french beans and runner beans!! oh and noodles :)

  5. Great photos - so when are you ordering the noodle tree?

  6. That all looks fabulous, and those are some monster beans! I'm envious of the corn. I can never get that to grow well here without it getting either a fungus, or corn ear worms, so it ends up just being chicken food. It's shame about the noodle tree...I suppose you could try planting spaghetti squash ;)

  7. it truly is a shame but there appears to be no such thing (at least on the market at present) as a 'Noodle Tree' or even a 'Noodle Bush' - so sad.


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