Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Autumn clear up, part1

This is a vignette of my Saturday spent at the allotment. I decided to bite the bullet and really get stuck into 14b, a place of fear where weeds ruled and one felt so overwhelmed that even walking past it I would pretend in my heart that it had nothing to do with me and tut at it as I do with other 'abandoned' plots, yikes!

Andrew was rebuilding his horse manure stocks (a man's poo heap is his castle!), he got roughly 13 wheelbarrow loads of the stuff for free, though we did give over a big bag of veggies. So I was alone most of the time, thank goodness for my MP3 player and some darn good music. In fact please do take a moment to enjoy this.....

Tree Hugger - by Antsy Pants

So here is the scary before picture, there is a wonderful life affirming after photo but that is going to have to wait until tomorrow ;). For now here is the 'mid way' photo to compare :)

I was overjoyed to meet this little fella....
seeking shelter from the sun with Maggie, under the wheelbarrow = cute!
Maggie wasn't much fussed, hahaha. In fact Maggie didn't seem that interested in the other friend I made, I think she is either really ditsy and genuinely doesn't notice or just gets jealous when I give affection to 'someone' else, hehehe. I swear when I started out on this allotment journey I would have been sick in my mouth if I was even asked to hold and appreciate a snail but I have grown....
I think maybe I have 'grown' too much as on that Saturday morning we were out for our weekly morning coffee wake up and a lady killed a wasp against the cafe window; I was a little shocked and upset. Silly me I know, but I hate it that people kill insects for no reason other than they don't like them. Hell there are some people I don't like, I don't think it would go down well if I just killed them nonchalantly with a rolled up celeb gossip magazine.

Don't get me wrong, when it comes to me verses snails and slugs etc for my veggies I take no prisoners but that just means I fling them all into someone else's plot - don't judge me!!! I throw them into abandoned plots, honest I do or over by the hedgerows. I am really too soft.

Oh but I have 1 more thing to share, hehehehehehe
It was only a matter of time, glad it wasn't me though! The frame is still good so Andrew will make a new seat bit, in time, as if he hasn't enough to do!


  1. I'm soft too - when I was teaching I used to tell children off when they stamped on a spider or some other such act of needless cruelty.
    WE are often carrying toads, newts and frogs to safety when cutting grass of digging.

    I'm also a mollusc wanger - maybe we could set up a gardeners' olympics and have it as a sport so we could compete against one another for the gold!

  2. Good work, Carrie!

    I never strim my plot now, I use shears and make a lot of ludicrous noise to alert frogs, toads and hedgehogs of my imminent arrival. To date it's worked.

    Any song that mentions the Jackalope is alright by me. Steve, Liverpool.

  3. Sue - Mollusc wangering as a sport? = YES!, totally I'll take you on, haha

    Steve - you angel,so we're all softies when it comes to our gardening animal friends :) And thank you for liking my favourite song of the moment :)

  4. It's good to see that you've been busy, and enjoying yourself. I started my plot clear up this week.
    I feel like you do about insects nowadays!
    I hope Andrew was okay!
    Take care, Flighty xx

  5. oh Andrew is grand :)
    More to write about from last weekend and I can't believe it's almost this weekend!!!
    Hugs and loving your robin :)


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