Saturday, 15 September 2012

Autmn Clear Up - part 2

Oh for shame, it has taken a whole week for me to get myself in gear and show you the further fabulous adventures of the clear up, for shame indeed. Without further time wasting, here is the broccoli and kale bed makeover.

Main things - Broccoli gone, weeds gone :) Kale delicious!

This was the pea bed and some random cheeky poppies too ;) I may have had something to do with that *whistles calmly to deflect attention*. All cleared now (big good strong poles and netting saved) and looking good. Plus the mint has been planted in the huge barrel we found a few years ago washed up on the beach - grow until your heart is content Mint plant of mine :)
Really would like to point out that the mess behind the now ex-pea bed is the other part to plot 14. We have 14b, that jungle behind the wind break is 14a *rolls eyes*....

Have you pruned back your Summer Raspberries??? It's time my friends.
Cut out all those canes that had the fruit on them just leaving a few inches above ground level. Then secure those new canes that have grown this year, that rubbery twisting wire would be good but honestly we have never had any problems with good old string.
We do have a sneaky way of tying it though....
twist the string a couple of time in between the wire and the cane - it acts as a cushion so the cane isn't rubbing against the wire in the blowy winds of Winter. No need to thank me - just sharing the knowledge ;p
Finally a teaser for what is to come......
Maggie is trying to give a hint here, by placing herself exactly on this spot and letting me take her photo, she hates her photo being taken, so you know she feels strongly about this.
does that bed not look a little big to you? Seems Andrew may not know when to stop!
 Hugs, have a fab weekend xxx


  1. Wow you have been working hard!

  2. A busy time of year, so thank goodness for the recent fine weather. Flighty xx

  3. Yes summer raspberries done - autumn ones producing lovely fruit. We have lots of opportunist poppies and if yours went to seed you wil have lots more next year too. I just pull them out when they are in awkward places but otherwise leave them be.

    Our mint bed needs a makeover - believe it or not the weeds have swamped the poor mint!!!

  4. There's always something going on in your gardens. That before shot of the broc/kale bed is gorgeous. And I love flowers sneaked in with the veggies.

  5. A nice blog you have here.Take care of yourself.You are a very honest person and you are an inspiraton.

    A keen N Ireland Gardener

  6. makes me feel better!! I cleaned one bed...but it hurts to remove the stuff that went to flower before I could use it!! But it is so untidy! And so much got eaten! I need to plant more beautiful kale like you russian kale had the revenge of the white moth :). planted alot of lettuce from to plant some mustard and collard greens from the old south! Thanks for inspiring me!

  7. I wish I had half of Andy's unstoppable strength!!!

  8. Great blog, love the images too. Nice tip about cushion between Raspberry cane and string etc.. Thanks you :)


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