Monday, 19 September 2011

I'm back :)

Hello! and warm affectionate hugs to you all. Did you miss me? did you? I missed you.

I arrived home from lovely France yesterday and sitting here in front of my much missed laptop I can tell you...I am cold!! It wasn't exactly roasting in Brittany but I was shivering whilst inside, that's for sure; I don't think I was supposed to be a Northern Irish girl at all, ahha.

As I am sure you can all appreicate, I am exhausted! 16 hours on a Ferry (rough crossing home - I was sliding up and down my berth which was funny but meant I was awake a good bit) and 4 and half hours driving up through Ireland home = sleepy me. And on top of that, when I'm sleepy, my double vision plays up even more so I can't really see that well today. What I am getting at is I will share my photos and stories later if you don't mind too much and just dose here on my comfy sofa this afternoon before any migraine would decide to set in!

One thing though - I now utterly despise Mosquitos, bloody HATE the beasts. I have a left forearm that is all deformed with huge bites that are so frickin' itchy I could punch something. Plus one on my leg and one on my face, on my face people!!! Arrghhhh.

Anyhow I shall be in touch soon, with photos and tales of yummy food, inspiring gardens and public spaces and scrumping for delicious red apples. Plus this evening we are going to the lottie and I have been warning that it is a mess - I ain't too proud that I won't share the shame, hahahaa.

Anyway, nice to be back xx


  1. Good to have you back, of course we've missed you!!
    Ferry crossings, ulgh, I can't even do Holyhead to Dublin!
    Looking forward to your photos and adventures.
    As for the mozzie bites, have you tried Lavender essential oil? You can use it neat on the skin, stops the itching.

  2. Hello, of course we missed you!
    I've never been keen on ferry crossings, and had more than my share of really rough ones.
    I'm sure that there's lots of goodies waiting to be harvested at the lottie.
    Take care, Flighty xx

  3. Welcome home! Can't wait to see your photos!

  4. Welcome home :) I sneaked a peek at your photo's.

  5. Hi Carrie glad you had a good time - bet Maggie is pleased to see you!

  6. welcome back! 16 hours on a ferry and 4 1/2 driving?! yuck! i hope you get LOTS of sleep :D


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