Wednesday, 21 September 2011

France's never ending growing season

Something that Lawerence, the owner of our Gite in the North of Brittany, told us somewhat surprised me. He said that they don't really have a winter where they are and he cuts the grass every 2 weeks all year round! Many years there are just a few weeks were the frost comes and then it's the eternal growing season again. So that made sense of the fact that everywhere you look in Brittany there are artichokes and maize and cabbage etc in large fields, all at different stages of growth.
I fell in love with the artichoke flowers that were for sale in the florists and were often to be found in abundance in large vases outside resturants. (Far better this than eating them - yuck, personally I HATE them).

It's also no wonder that most private gardens have their own vegetable area and everything looks fabulous even though up here at home, they would be over by now. Even caravans on holiday resorts have there own tomato plants growing outside - it's inspirational.

Of course there was no getting away from the fact that it was September and thus it was apple season and cidre making time. All along the sides of roads were apples of all varieties and the supermarkets were no different. Such pride in the apple was lovely and every apple I ate was a delight (even the ones we stole!) Yep, Andrew went scrumping as it was just a shame to see so many apples potentially going to waste, especially when we were pretty sure they were Royal Gala.

Usually on holidays we love going into the local markets to see all the vegetable and fruit varieties and this time was no exception, though to be fair, the supermarkets are amazing as well in their variety and freshness. Here are a couple of gorgous displays from Quimper town market, that is one thing you will always see when it is a personal stall - attention to detail and everything lovingly was also the cool place to hang out if you were a student!

Don't want to bore you so I shall write another French piece later in the week, hugs for now xx


  1. Hi Carrie,

    France looks wonderful. All that beautiful food. We're hoping to go next year we just need to get organised and find the time!!! I know what you mean about the dark nights I hate them and they just seem to creep up on you and take you by surprise. One minute you can go up to the allotment after dinner the next its too dark. Oh well can't do anything about just have to grin and bear it. Aaaarrrggghhhh!

  2. looks like an awesome vacation! I recently read "Four Season Harvest" and the first part of the book was about France, and how they can garden year round. Lucky ducks! I loved seeing the inside of the market--so true--the attention to detail in even the display! Puts our markets to shame. thanks for sharing, Ill look forward to seeing/reading more!

  3. You wouldn't think Brittany would be that much different to the south coast of England but obviously it is. The market looks fabulous, much better than the insipid supermarket displays we have.

  4. how can you hate artichockes? nicely marinaded, they are the YUMMIEST thing ever! also had them on pizza in Italy, that was yummy too. Lauran x

  5. I love the markets in France :)
    I'm with you on the artichokes! Mo

  6. Dont know if I like artichokes but I sure to want to try growing them, now how to?! lol oh ...have another batch of seeds drying and might be another week before they are ready but might have some different ones for you if your interested cant remember what they are but remember there is some lavender and some other purple fuzzy guys that the seeds look like lavender and I hope they didnt get mixed up ooops.... :S oh well both are pretty!


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