Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Catching up with 24a :)

Okay, okay, so it's been a while since I did a full post on one of our half plots. I guess to be honest, it's been a while since we spent the day at the allotments as the back garden is just too exciting and all we need do at the allotments is keep on top of the grass and millions, zillions of weeds everywhere (a very thankless task, eh?)

So here we go, you ready?..... First off look at our garlic drying! Oh my lordy lord above, is that not a glorious sight to behold? They are firm and I know they're really tasty because we have been eating some 'in the green' until now. They were 'Solent Wight' but I guess by now with 3 years of careful selection of the best ones each season to replant, they are Gaults :) 'Gaults' Wight', hahaha. I remember hearing somewhere that after a while the garlic in your plot will adapt to the conditions of your soil and the climate etc and through natural selection (well gardener selection) the best ones go on to reproduce and effectively they are your own strain. Is that fabulous, or is that fabulous?! I love learning things like that. So 'Gaults' Wight' are now available for say... £1thousand per bulb ;p

Then beside the bench is the 'area of shame' which I am not showing you. It shall be dealt with in the Autumn but suffice to say it is embarrassing as the day is long. Let us move on.

Ah, the celeriac and the leeks - looking good if I may say so myself. Andrew was watering them with what I like to term 'stinky juice', which is our own organic fertiliser. Yep, this stuff totally burns the nostril hairs and makes one want to vomit but hey, the plants love it. All it is is nettles and man pee left in a big container to ferment and mature. If you try this at home comfry is also excellent, as is seaweed but be warned - it isn't called 'stinky juice' for nothing, get it on your clothes or skin and you will smell BAD for days.

This is one of my favourite things to do - hunt for treasure. I was accepted at University to do Archaeology but unlike Andrew I just haven't the patience. This is as close as I am allowed to get to the noble work of digging stuff up. It is just like finding treasure though, isn't it? And of course, as with every year, it reminds me of that really joyous memory I have of my Papa and I doing this in his back garden - I was so young and mystified by the whole thing.

I won't show you are 'family' apple tree as pride comes before a fall and I am so proud of the tree this year! The blackcurrant plant on 24a finally gave up her goodies but we have seen so many blackcurrants that to force another bumper crop photo on you would be tantamount to torture. So on to the fruit arch; oh how it has grown, all those tiny saplings are now up to the very top of the arch and even crossing over. I could not be happier. Only a few fruit on each of the trees (2 pears, 2 plums and 2 apples) but the plants are doing good and that is great :)

Lastly, 2 more Autumn Raspberries - I hope I get them before Andrew again, hahaha. Or those pesky birds!

Writing this has cheered me up - I have had the worst couple of days, barely able to talk or think straight, so thanks for being there to talk to xxx


  1. The theory of replanting to get garlic suited to your soil hasn't worked for me this year - garlic is pathetic! Hoping for better next year with a new selection of varieties.
    So envious of your crop!

  2. Just the best time of year to be on the lottie! everything is just busting out all over!

  3. Your garlic looks good. We really should try replanting some of our cloves this year, especially if they accumulate in value like yours! ;)

  4. I know what you mean about stink juice. I recently spilt mine down my leg. It has taken 2 weeks of daily swims to get rid of it!


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