Friday, 5 August 2011

Another catch up, this time, it's 14b

I have tried to write this post a few times now and the words just haven't been flowing. I know I'm not well yet again today but there is also a funny block when it comes to writing about this plot and I have only just realised that. It's so stupid, but then again so much about having mental health problems can feel stupid, so it's also very real. Plot 14b is still new to me (though we acquired it in May 2009), it's more open and I feel exposed, naked and a bit uncomfortable over there even though it's where my beautiful flower bed is. There isn't a proper wind break border between us and our neighbours or anywhere to hide, like under the pergola, in the shed or under the fruit arch as there is on 24a.

14b is right by good old 24a at a diagonal - here is a fabulous drawing by me to help you visualise. I drew this with my tongue sticking out so you know it's good, lol. Oh look, a ruler, now why didn't I use that and do it all to scale? Answer: I'm a free form artist, Andrew is the scientific one in this house.

Click to enlarge. I feel it is  now wonderfully clear, hahahaha

Anyway here's a little update as to what is going on. I didn't spend much time there for reasons I have explained but boy, it is productive and quite beautiful, if I may say so myself :)

These are our Purple Podded Peas send so kindly by Celia of..Purple Podded Peas :)
We haven't really got stuck in to them yet as the other peas are finishing up now and we don't want to waste anything but I reckon this weekend will be a PPP festival in the mouth :) Aren't the flowers that they have utterly gorgeous?? They remind me of the Sweet pea, 'Cupanii' that's my favourite but we forgot to plant this year.
 This is my flower bed - I am rather proud of this and it has supplied me with beautiful fragrant flowers in the house AND the bees and butterflies love them especially these -yellow Elecampane. This plant came up from Co. Kerry from my best friend Rosie - look at it now Rosie! (indulge me these photos Matron)
 Of course along with the flowers there are many other edible food stuffs. But ah haa - this allows me to throw in another flowery photo; the runner beans and climbing beans are there in the background scrambling up the home made wig-wams. The Runner Beans are lovely, not too long but oh so sweet and tender at the moment, the climbing beans are a little lackadaisical.  PLEASE ignore the weeds in this other bed, oh lord, the weeds are taking over in that plot . Here are our gorgeous Beetroot and Sorrel, we've been enjoying these so much, plus the Carrots and Parsnips which won't be ready for a while yet. This last photo is the Jerusalem Artichokes at the back of the plot - these make me happy as I love them and they are growing like crazy  beside 'The Trinty' of compost bins :)


  1. i love how, even though you're constantly dealing with your depression, you're still able to be funny and silly when writing your posts! hang in there :)

  2. the flowers are are so talented at growning things!

  3. Andrea - it's a laugh or cry situation so i choose to get on with it but thank you for the support; everyday it's hard to fight xxxxx

    Lettie - things wants to grow, you stick the seed in the ground and stand back, eh viola! xxxxxx

  4. Carrie girl I am so sorry it has taken me so long to drop by and say hello .. I have meant to do an e-mail but I keep getting distracted and forget .. I have a change in meds too so it is getting to be a jumble.
    I just got in from working in the garden almost 5 hours .. I am dead tired and so sore but the garden is looking a little better especially with its drink of water ! LOL
    I promise to do an e-mail girl !!
    Joy : )
    PS I always think of you when I look at that gorgeous photo of yours .. John really likes it too .. perfectly Irish indeed ! haha

  5. Are sheds provided with your plots?

    You'll have to erect a hidey-hole on plot 14b (that should read get Andrew to erect a hidey-hole).

  6. Everything looks like it is growing fantastically!

  7. naked exposed and uncomfortable, nowhere to hide. That's is why the driveway gets neglected. I prefer to garden in privacy, behind the wall!

  8. Sue - no, we have to buy our own :(Like the idea of Andrew erecting a hidey hole... you can come for tea)

    Martin and Amy - Thank you xxxx

    Diana - hugs sweetheart, glad to be in good company x

  9. Lovely photos and your purple podded peas look wonderful!

  10. very lovely purple peas: I've been admiring them for the last week, can't wait to show them to Holly who's 6, her fav. colour is purple!

    Jo 29a

  11. It's so great to see my PPPs thriving on your plot.
    (Remember to save some seeds)


  12. I'd so love an allotment to do what you're doing, but my garden is enough for me to cope with as it is. One day I hope? I grew an Elegant Ladies selection of sweetpeas this year, and one looks very much like Cupani too. x


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