Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Almost there :)

The back garden is almost coming to its climax; it is very exciting indeed. Unfortunately the rain has called off play today and I can't get out there with paint brushes in hand to get that wood stained and those walls all whitened, ggrrr. I am all ready to go (in my mind) and wish I had more arms. We are got a delivery of gravel today and that will really make it look special.

These photos are from Saturday - the weed suppressing membrane going down and look, that bad weather was already coming in. A little to the left it was dark ominous grey, a little more to the right of the photo was totally blue!

I have literally been asleep since Monday, I mean 24 hrs a day Monday and Tuesday, being woken up only to eat and go to the toilet. I took up the offer of a permanent stall at St George's Market Belfast on Sundays to sell my photography. So the good weather that was supposedly delightful yesterday passed me by....

But this is today and I am so excited to share these photos with you -

A little nook for the bins and the storage unit which has the patio furniture and hammock and lawn mower in it.
Andrew getting that gravel down - he was so excited :)


The inside of the cube is stained but I need, need to do the outside so badly I am almost in pain, haha. It's rather stupid though to paint in the rain. So instead here is a close up of some stunning purple Valentia slate and an old quern stone which we have as our stepping stones, marking the transition from the outer garden to the inner garden in the traditional Japanese tea garden style :)


  1. Rain, rain go away
    And let Carrie out to play!
    I bet you're so excited now it's nearly done. Love the stepping stones :) Mo

  2. It's going to look wonderful next year once it fills with foliage and flowers. You, and the wildlife, will love it! Flighty xx

  3. It's a brave move taking on a market stall - good luck with that

  4. so you have a little shop set up for your photography?! how cool! i'd love to hear more about it. take pictures!

  5. Carrie,

    I am so impressed with how far you guys have gotten with this garden. It's looking beautiful:~)

    I love the stones in the gravel, especially what I assume is old quern stone.

    I hope the rain will stop soon and you will busy with your painting. It's really impressive what you've done in such a small space. Just think what it will be like to sit outside and watch your garden grow:~)

  6. Wish I could walk down that step stone path. Blog updates are 'almost' as good.

  7. That is working up to being such a lovely space. x


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