Friday, 12 August 2011

Grow Our Own's 3rd Birthday Party

On the 10th of August 2008 I started a little online journal about our relatively, gloriously new Eden Allotment Gardens. We had just had an Allotment Open Day to celebrate and share our joyful first harvest and I wanted to have somewhere to put the photos and my ramblings. I did have a paper scrapbook in which I had tried to write and put newspaper clippings but it was too fiddly. So then I thought (*bing*) I'll try a blog.

Entering into the blog world was hard and lonely, (I didn't know a single person who had a blog) but I was planning to do this only for me, to chronicle the development of our 'little piece of Eden'. When it came to the privacy settings I thought it wouldn't matter if I made it public - who would look at it anyway?

3 years on and much has happened, the allotments are 4 times the size they were for a start! I am still enjoying myself every day that I am well enough to write about my now 2 half plots and my garden. The journey is really on it's way now but I have no wish to arrive at any destination, I am truly enjoying the ride.

So today to celebrate all things Ecotherapy (or as I like to call it Allotmentherapy), to revel in the wonder that is the Blog and the catharsis of writing, to rejoice in the beauty of Nature and her gift of life and to thank my friends and followers, I am having a little party, with gifts xxx

The Inaugural Inspirational Blog Awards
by Carrie

Many people have helped, encouraged and enthused about our journey and I thank them all, you know who you are dear friends of the non-blogging world, of the non-gardening world! xxx

But here are some of the blogs I turn to for inspiration and fun - I hope this little button award will be accepted and placed with pride on their blog pages (it took me bloody forever to make it!) In no particular order......

Carrots and Kids
Canadian Garden Joy (or GardenJoy4Me as I know it)
A Small Holding
Down on the Allotment
Elephant's Eye
Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments
Two Chances Veg Plot
Flighty's Plot
Allot Of Veg
Here is your award....... tell me it's lovely ;)

{Please copy and paste the html I'll send to you if you want to accept it, put into your sidebar html place - hahaha, so technical aren't I.}

Ah, now the music is starting up and the show is almost over. I love you all!  It's MY party and I'll cry if I want too. Cheers and here's to more seed planting and good eating and most of all sharing the ups and downs x

P.S. I just ate the best Runner Beans with dinner ;)


  1. Lovely post and I see that you've very kindly given me one!
    It's a wonderful award that I shall put on my blog and mention in my post on Sunday.
    Lucky you with your runner beans as I still wondering if I shall see any!
    Thanks, and hugs, Flighty xx

  2. You're 3? And you're giving other people presents. Virtual hugs for such a lovely thought, and for introducing me to even more lovely blogs. Hapy Birthday xx

  3. aw thank you! Am very impressed that you've made a button thingumy. I struggle to put things like that on the sidebar but I will do my best! Congrats on being three!

  4. You're nearly a blog year older than me. We are not lonely any more. I love the sometimes immediate feedback from comments. And thank you for the badge (I need the html for the embedded link?)

  5. Well! Now I'm doubly gobsmacked!You knew I was amazed that it's your 3rd Blog Birthday,but I'm even more amazed to have made it into your Awards, let alone be awarded one. I shall display it with pride, thank you!
    Thank you also for making such a beautiful little button, I know these things take ages and I love its stylish simplicity.
    I'm so pleased we found your Blog (I think it may have been Flighty who led me here.
    You're a grand lass, Carrie, we wish you many more happy years of Blogging and Allotmentherapy x

  6. Hi Carrie and happy 3rd Birthday!! What a lovely award and comments! I've always enjoyed reading your posts and if one day I manage to take photos just half as good as yours that will do me just fine! I'll be doing a round up post from my local show next weekend so will be sure to mention your award. Many thanks and keep on enjoying your plots, garden and blog!

  7. Happy blogiversary Carrie and thank you so much for the award thingy.

  8. It is up, it works, brought me back to you ;~)

  9. Yay - it works *jumping up and down* and I made it!

  10. Happy anniversary to your blog! I am impressed that you can make buttons like that! Hope market goes well tomorrow, Lauran x

  11. Happy blogging Birthday! so pleased to have met you along the way. Bloggers are wonderful people!

  12. Hello Carrie! Congrats on your third year blogging. I'm here from Flighty's place and am enjoying looking around your pretty blog.

  13. Lovely idea for a post. Happy 3rd birthday, and you did indeed make some great choices for your special awards! I enjoy reading them all.

  14. Happy blogiversary!!

  15. Happy blog bithday - sorry I'm late was enjoying boy birthdays - chocolate cake yum! (and only a small courgette squeezed into it).
    Thank you for my button I will attempt to add it soon and maybe post too - can't wait can you?
    Hope the back garden is a haven of traquillity.

  16. Sweetie you are such a wonderful kind soul (which is so hard to be when you have to suffer so much .. I understand that : )
    Congratulations on the blogaversary, I am sure that spelling is atrocious, those red wiggly lines are telling me it is ! haha
    I would love this gorgeous button so I am going to e-mail you sweetie .. I don't usually have those things but you are my special case!
    I love seeing the pictures of your "Wee Eden" and Maggie .. and your very special Happy Birthday coming up too ! I would love to be there and hear all of the gossip and laughter : )
    Emma is driving me mad for more cat cookies so I have to chat more in an e-mail .. talk soon !!

  17. I am glad I found your blog. Happy 3rd Birthday too. x

  18. I just found your blog, as a fellow sufferer of depression in the past I can vouch for needing something like a plot to connect with nature and a healthy life, send me your little html badge to put on my blog,
    kind regards,David


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