Friday, 29 July 2011

Disbelief with generous helping of hayfever

Yesterday, through a haze of disbelief, it seems as though I secured a solo exhibition for my photography AND was featured on the Channel 4/4Homes top Garden blogs list! How did this all happen? Best not to ask really, maybe the bubble will burst :)

Up until Wednesday morning when I saw Eimear (and even Wednesday afternoon and evening) this week I have been living in a kind of dream state; my depression has been so bad, I guess I was opting out. I can't actually remember much but thankfully I took photographs and things that happened do come back to me from seeing them. Sunday was a beach day - that I do remember but after that it's a blur. That's why I haven't written since last Friday.
But yesterday was genuinely great and so today I am more than a little buoyed up and ready to write. But how can one write about the garden or indeed my beloved lotties when I ran out of hayfever medicine and can't get my prescription until later today?! I'll tell you how.....

Just for you, I broke the hermetic seal of my house to take photos of the neighbours garden across the street and the further work on our own, by hanging out the windows holding my breath. (And taking the opportunity to shake my fist at the pollen out there too; why Nature, why?!!)
The lovely C and B across the street have really started into their front garden whilst the back is full of the chaos that comes along with conservatory building, patio laying, greenhouse erecting and planting a hedge. Their style isn't our style but hey that's okay. I do have to point out that I love the choice of tree - an ornamental cherry and the cute, quirky, ironic choice of an old chimney pot as a plant container in a new development devoid of fireplaces :)

Oh yes! (grining with pride at my hubby's work) The back garden here is coming on a pace and the secret area is looking fab; to lie in there on the hammock and look up at the sky is dreamy. This weekend is going to be mental out there with Andrew finishing the rendering and me starting in to the wood staining (there has also been talk of posh gravel and bark chips being bought - eek!) And no, I am not showing you our front garden is it too embarrassing, stop asking!

Also here is a random picture of a gorgeous Cantaloupe melon which I have been thoroughly enjoying. (No, I didn't grow it are you bonkers?) Ummmm, time for some more me thinks.


  1. WOW!!! well done you! Lauran xxx

  2. The garden is coming together very nicely. Did you decide to bring a little of the beach home with you - is that a beach bar under construction!?! Hope the garden is finished soon so you both can down tools and enjoy it. Steve, Liverpool.

  3. Thank you Lauran - hugs galore x

    Steve - you saw right through it didn't you. Yep, it's going to be a cocktail bar ;)

  4. Carrie I am bursting with pride for you xxxxx sorry I haven't been in touch so much, it's just bonkers busy here - can't wait til things quieten down a bit, I hate this time of year at work :(
    LOVE the beachside photos!

  5. Justifiably proud to receive a blog award! well done! xxxxx Matron

  6. As you would say....EEEEEK! :)

  7. Wow congratulations Carrie, well deserved!

  8. What a deliciously mad post! :) You missed out the kitchen sink!
    Congrats on the C4 thing, well deserved. I'd never have guessed that you were a hayfever sufferer! Boo! Poor you.

  9. What a lovely surprise! Flighty xx

  10. I'm sorry for you having hayfever...
    Many people in Japan suffer from hayfever, and I have light hayfever too.
    I hope you get better!

    Cantaloupe looks delicious!!!

  11. Such a shame about the hay fever but very well done for the recommendation.

  12. Solo exhibition? Well done, you!!

  13. whoa! huge congrats to you, carrie! when/where is the photo exhibit?! be sure to take pictures!


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