Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summertime and the growing is easy

We haven't managed to get much done (make that nothing done, to be honest) at the lottie over the past days. The weather was bad then it was too good not to go to the beach after dinner and then we where away all weekend at a Wedding in Donegal. So there, excuses out of the way. I did on the other hand do some weeding in the back garden yesterday and gave the patio a good brushing *grins with pride*.

(N.B. a 'seasonal side salad' in one of Donegal's fancy Spa Hotel restaurants was.... Watercress - what!!!????)

But though we haven't been giving a whole lot of love to the lottie, she sure has been sending it our way. I picked 3 and half pounds of Blackcurrants last week, a pound and a half of Raspberries and about a dozen big, fat, perfect Strawberries (most of them had been partially eaten by birds - ggrrrr; it's bad enough that we lost a load to birds but for them to only eat most and not all, well that is just darned annoying!)
Then last night Andrew had a wee harvest for dinner and bought home a bounty of Broad Beans, Peas, Mint, Sorrel, Green Garlic and mixed Lettuce leaves. Oh and a beautiful bouquet of Sweet Williams, Roses and Carnations for his lovely wife (ie. Me, haha).

We sat outside and podded the beans and peas and then ate a Gault classic - beans and peas on toast (with pancetta, mint, lemon juice and sorrel), it was fabulous all washed down with non-alcoholic beer in the sunshine; happy times. It is nights like that and super fresh meals like that which make the soil improvement in the rain and bitter winds of winter all worth while :)

Hope your gardens and lotties are flourishing! xxx


  1. Oh great to see all your hard work paying off and getting delish food and beautiful flowers off it :) Congrats! :)

  2. the beans and peas on toast idea actually sounds yum ... might have to try that sometime! Lauran x

  3. I've had baked beans on toast, but never thought of fresh peas and beans. The pancetta and mint sounds idealic. Maybe some soft or blue cheese too.

    We are also really enjoying the healthy home grown meals at the moment. Long may they continue!

    Martin :)

  4. It all sounds and looks delicious which makes all our efforts, despite the moans, so worthwhile! Flighty xx

  5. Delightful!... Nice moments for you and hubby to share..

  6. Carrie,

    Remind me NEVER to come to your blog when I'm hungry. The beans and peas on toast looked yummy.

    It's good the lottie is providing well this year. Enjoy your bounty:~)

  7. I love to sit and pod peas and beans, I find it very therapeutic. The pop, and then the little peas or beans all lined up inside, then the feel of them as you prise them gently out. I could sit for hours :)
    It's great to be harvesting isn't it? Mo

  8. Promise i will find time to read all your posts....

  9. beautiful pictures! i continue to live vicariously through your blog... oh and i'm totally holding you to that offer of your gate being open to me anytime :) ireland is one of my top places to visit someday and it would be even awesome-er if i could visit you while i'm there! someday :)

  10. Oh yes! what a fantastic time of year it is for fresh green veggies. I find that sitting outside on the patio just shelling beans or peas is one of the most relaxing things to do!


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